Let the Battle commence!

Kenneth Ramsay February 24, 2012 Comments Off on Let the Battle commence!
Let the Battle commence!

8.20 am Saturday the 25th February 2012 !!


Forget about rumble in the jungle

Forget about the battle of the bulge

Forget about Blur v Oasis

Forget about Chisora V Haye ( if you have not already)

Forget about Old Firm rivalry !

The BIGGEST grudge match of them all is almost here!!


DR SPIN ( the master )     V           LOCUM LOU ( the just as good but not yet a master) ( need to keep her happy for when we need her again)


The Spin Bikes 8.20am Saturday 25th February.

This is going to be massive !! There will be blood ( Doctors in club please be there) There will be tears ( propbably mine)


get there early to avoid disappointment

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