Kenneth Ramsay April 24, 2012 Comments Off on TEST IT

Try Everything Several Times In Training .

( not my own work stolen from another coach).


A few of us were on a training camp at the weekend and amongst a lot of great advice this is one bit of advice that we can all do more of.

A new tri suit will feel different in the water to your old one or your normal swim wear. – wear it a few times in training before your races.

we all have to wear a swimming cap in a race but very few of the male club members wear them training.

Your wetsuit improves your buoyancy but most of us only wear them in races or a couple of open water swims each year. – Wetsuit swim session is coming on a Monday night next month ( along with some demo wetsuits)

How many of us go for a cycle with our tri suit on? The padding is a lot different to cycling shorts.

Running – do you train with socks but race without ?

Race day nutrition – do you train with the same product you race with or do you just see what is on offer in the shop so each week it is different ? – With this in mind the we will have an offer from Gatorade for you shortly.

the list goes on but I hope you get the idea.

It is the little things that might not make you faster but will certainly make race day more enjoyable.

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