Gatorade Offers.

Kenneth Ramsay May 10, 2012 Comments Off on Gatorade Offers.
Gatorade Offers.

gatorade order form


Marc Smith and I have managed to secure discounted (trade prices) from Gatorade for club members.

Unfortunately we need to buy bulk cases to get the discounts (and the bigger the first order the better negotiating position we have!)

Despite this we are aware that a number of people will never have tried Gatorade, so we are able to offer a sample pack of products which should cover a week or so of training.( depending on how much you train!)

We are also discussing the possibility of them supporting the Aquathlon in some way next month and for them to provide club members with sweat testing.

Marc and I will collect orders at training this week and next or you can email them to me.

Order form above.




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