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Well done to our recent Long Distance Triathletes for taking part in 2 recent Iron Distance events.

John, Paul, Kirsten, Mark M and Marc S all successfully completed their Ironman challenges at Ironman Austria and The Outlaw in Nottingham.  By all accounts the two weather extremes could not have been any more different if they tried!  Whilst our Austrian contingent of John, Paul, Kirsten and Mark experienced a freak heat wave.  This resulted in the first ever non wetsuit swim at the event with daytime temperatures touching 40 degrees.   Marc experienced 4 seasons in one day with wind and rain you’d expect here in October, not in July!  All 5 successfully completed the full Ironman distance well within the 17 hours allotted time and all 5 are busy planning where and when they can race again.  (A few ‘interesting’ stories are going around regarding their individual experiences but on such a public forum it would be remiss of me to post here!)

Also a special mention goes out to our Ironkids (Magnus, Ben and Matthew) for completing their own Ironkids race out in Austria which saw them take to the beautiful open waters of Lake Worthersee followed by a quick T1 then a run to their own Ironkids Finish Chute.   A pretty special memory for all involved.

Finally, thanks must also go out to the loyal support crews from all 5 Ironmen.  The experience is a pretty tough on the participants but there’s no way we’d have gotten through it without the support of family, friends and loved ones at the ropes.   It’s a long long day in the searing sun/howling winds and they deserve a medal just as much as we do!

Thanks guys and see you all on the start line soon.


PS – Don’t have any pictures of Marc yet – he’s recovering whilst sunning himself in Spain!!!   Victory picture to follow!

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