Lochore Meadows Sprint Tri Race Report

John June 17, 2013 Comments Off on Lochore Meadows Sprint Tri Race Report
Lochore Meadows Sprint Tri Race Report


Loch Ore 2013

6am and the alarm goes off,
Quick cup of tea and a bit to scoff,
The sun is out, the skies are blue,
But check the queue for the portaloo.
The loch is warm, flat calm, no swell,
The swim in fact went rather well.
Didn’t get stuck amongst a nasty bunch,
And only swore out loud the once.
But then the cycle, legs soon tired and sore,
Mental note, must get out on bike a little more.
‘Vintage’ Grieg went thundering by,
Too fast to draft but I did try.
Then the run, oh dear the run,
Not my idea of a lot of fun,
Too hard, too slow, too far, too hot,
It really did hurt an awful lot,
The others were all so fast,
Soon lost count of how many flew past.
Eventually made it to the finish line,
Looking good and feeling fine – not
Great to see so many M3 faces,
Help each other through the paces.

Well done to everyone – a great day out

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