Mid Week Night Time Group MTB rides.

Kenneth Ramsay October 24, 2014 Comments Off on Mid Week Night Time Group MTB rides.
Mid Week Night Time Group MTB rides.

Group night ride for Mountain Bike and Cross riders. Every fortnight starting 29th October, meet 18:45 at Camperdown Park gates by Cineworld.

Cycle will be maximum 75/90 minutes.

Lights required, rear red light and front high powered LED (at least 500 lumens recommended), with adequate battery life for the duration of the cycle.

Terrain will be mixed though mainly trail, will be muddy in places, some obstacles. Group can be of all abilities however would recommend those participating have some experience of mountain bikes or cross.

Ride will be taken in stages and any hazards will be highlighted beforehand (these sections can be walked if required). All rides will be weather permitting, see the Facebook forum on the day of the cycle for confirmation if in any doubt, a bit of rain will not be an issue.

Looking for a number of people to commit to make the rides worthwhile.

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