Race updates – 12/4/16

Lewis Bruce April 12, 2016 Comments Off on Race updates – 12/4/16
Race updates – 12/4/16

East Fife
16 M3ers took part in the East Fife triathlon with the club achieving 5 podiums on the day, great results, congratulations to all who took part!

Position Name Time Category Cat.Position
11 David Miller 1:18:45 Veteran 1
16 John Tonner 1:20:38 Senior 10
17 Mark Hopkins 1:20:38 Senior 11
30 Greig Millar 1:24:34 Senior 18
33 John Smith 1:25:49 Veteran 7
34 Dean Jennings 1:26:33 Veteran 8
61 Arno Muller 1:31:32 Super Vet 7
62 Adam Wilson 1:31:37 Senior 33
67 Steve Robbie 1:33:18 Senior 35
76 Emma Donaldson 1:35:28 Senior 4
77 Kathy Robertson 1:35:30 Veteran 2
78 Sarah connolly 1:35:53 Senior 5
80 Miriam rennet 1:36:22 Super Vet 2
86 Stephen Smith 1:37:16 Super Vet 10
108 Ursula Ryder 1:44:03 Super Vet 3
126 Ute Goldmann 1:49:37 Super Vet 7
145 Barbara Mary Brown 2:04:50 Vintage 1


Ironman Florida 70.3
Coach Kenny was in action this weekend at Ironman Florida 70.3. “Swim was an M shape course with too many turns. Bike was hilly and windy with some long straight roads as in 8 miles straight. Pretty fast bike though. Run was going well first lap sore achillies and the heat then got to me. Run had a couple climbs that were not nice. 5.20 over all.so happy enough this early in the year. ” Pretty cool medal too

Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
399 Kenneth Ramsay 5:20:54 40-44 58


Ironman South Africa
Mark Mcintosh took part in Ironman South Africa “Swim was really choppy so didn’t suit me. Decided to take bike steady to have a strong run. I’ve been doing loads of running in prep. First loop on bike was pretty easy- no heroics. Started to push a bit in 2nd loop and got pains down my groin. Had to sit up and finish the bike. Thought I could run it off but that was worse.”

Position Name Swim Split Bike split
DNF Mark Mcintosh 01:09:54 05:20:56


Manchester Marathon
4 M3ers took part in the 40th running of the Manchester Marathon with over 12,000 runners taking part in total.

Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
786 Michelle Mackay 3:12:10 Senior 12
1149 Lewis Bruce 3:20:04 Senior 385
6046 Julie Beech 4:24:39 V50 98
6050 Cheryl Walls 4:24:40 Senior 511


Scottish Young Athletes Road Race Champs
Andrew Merry recently took part in the u17 race for the Scottish young athletes road race champs placing 5th completing the 4.9(?)km course in 15:38, great effort Andrew.

Position Name Time
5 Andrew Merry 15:38


2016 British Duathlon Championship
Robert Harrison represented M3 at the British Duathlon Age Group champs in windsor last week, placing 5th in his age category, well done!

Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
17 Robert Harrison 2:06:26 40-44 5


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