Race Updates

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Race Updates

A flood of race results over the past weeks ranging from first time triathletes, born again triathletes, European Championships, a relay team takeover and a podium lock out, lots to get through!

Knockburn Mixed Relay Triathlon Scottish Championship

5 M3 Teams entered on the day, for a fun, fast & frantic dash through Knockburns triathlon facilities, even the sun made an appearance. To top it off, the M3 Champs team came 2nd in the Championship Race. Special mention to Presidente Tom, for completing the bike & Run segment of this relay with a dislocated toe, Barbara for stepping in after her earlier race & injury, and finally Michelle for organising! Well done to all who took part

The LONG list of results follows:

Overall Team Results

6,M3 Champs team,1:35:27,Championship,2
8, Tri Hard with a Vengeance, 1:36:13,Open,5
14, Tri Hard 4.0, 1:39:41,Open,8
18, Tri Harder, 1:52:04, Open,12
22,A Good Day to Tri Hard,1:56:46, Open,15

Individual Team Results

M3 Champs team[table]
Michelle Mackay, 23:20,4:29,49,11:32,38,6.01
Paul Cooper, 22:20,4:24,1:03,10:18,29,6:06
Gillian Sangster, 26:47,4:55,1:00,13:30,0:56,6:26
Euan Rose, 22:42,3:39,0:43,11:59,0:33,5:58

Tri Hard With a Vengeance[table]
Andrew Merry, 22:50,2:47,0:23,10:38,0:29,6:22
Sarah Connolly, 27:09,5:29,1:38,12:29,0:49,6:44
Dougal Adamson, 24:10,4:48,1:13,11:18,0:49,6:02
Lewis Bruce, 24:05,4:32,0:30,12:01,0:41,6:21

Tri Hard 4.0[table]
Tom Fardon, 23:11,3:26,0:57,11:30,1:00,6:18
Greig Millar,24:45,4:52,1:04,11:31,0:44,6:34
Barbara Sweeney,28:10, 4:35,1:14,13:51,0:41,7:49
Dave Miller,23:28,4:27,1:01,11:03,0:42,6:15

Tri Harder[table]
Eric Blyth,27.25,4:09,1:02,13:29,0:49,7:56
Christine Bird,29:24,5:45,1:08,14:01,0:51,7:39
Malcolm Watson,29:00,4:20,1:25,15:10,0:55,7:10
Adam Wilson,26:47,4:45,0:52,13:34,0:26,6:30

A Good Day to Tri Hard[table]
Andy Duff,26:29,4:15,1:13,12:18,0:51,7:52
Shaun Walsh, 30:15,5:39,1:29,13:59,1:23,7:45
Jackie Cavanagh, 30:35,5:54,1:27,14:55,1:09,7:08
Stephen Hambley, 29:19,5:01,1:35,14:16,1:17,7:10


More photos can be found here

The next tri relay is the Perth Wild Relay on the 21st of august, i believe M3 already have 2 teams entered . . .

Aquathlon Scottish Championship

As mentioned above, Club secretary Barbara Sweeney raced in the morning before the mixed relay champs. Placing second in her Age group in the Aquathlon champs, taking home a nice shiny silver medal.

37,Barbara Sweeney, 37:54,Super Veteran,2


Outlaw Half

Last month Emma Donaldson, Kathy Robertson, Dean Horton, John Wigham and Mark Hopkins traveled down to Nottingham to race the Outlaw half. A fantastic weekend of racing in Nottingham with a sprint distance on Saturday and the main event on the Sunday. It was a cold day for racing compared to the previous couple of days. Jackets and scarves kind of weather rather than tri suits but once everyone got their game faces on temperature was quickly forgotten about (until they tried to run on frozen toes) A great race and a great venue, it would be fantastic if Monikie Park had half the amenities of Holme Pierrepont Water Sports Centre. Results were:

63,John Wigham, 4:49:41,M40-44,8
110,Dean Horton, 4:58:09,M45-49,13
155,Mark Hopkins, 5:06:22,M35-39,27
762,Kathy Robertson, 6:17:02,F40-44,19
786,Emma Donaldson, 6:21:40,F35-39,28


Here’s a picture of Kathy at the aid station 🙂


2016 Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships

M3 had 2 representatives at the European Championships in Lisbon, both racing in the Standard Distance event. I think they are in this photo somewhere?

Category,Name,Time,Category Position
M50-44,David Stewart, 2:17:04, 34
F55-59, Miriam Rennet, 2:56:57,19



Strathclyde Multisport Festival

ETU Qualifier

Suffering from European Triathlon fever, Dave & Miriam raced at Strahtclyde the next weekend, hoping to secure qualification for next year. Lewis & Michelle both automatically qualified (Dave possible too?) for the European Championships In Dusseldorf next year with the remaining 4 M3ers in a very strong position to qualify with a rolldown place.

35,David Stewart, 1:11:25,50-54,7
76,Lewis Bruce, 1:16:08, 25-29,4    Q
81,Michelle Mackay, 1:16:52,25-29,2    Q
138,Gillian Sangster,1:21:59,45-49,8
230,Miriam Rennet,1:30:27,55-59,5
240,Ursula Ryder,1:31:38,55-59,6


ITU Qualifier

Back for more on Sunday were Dave & Ursula, this time both successfully qualifying for the ITU worlds in Mexico later this year.

44, David Stewart, 1:13:56,50-54,4
90, Ursula Ryder,1:34:20,55-59,2


Edinburgh Marathon

Sunburnt Steve took part in the Edinburgh marathon, the warm up race to the ultra-marathon Steve is planning later on in the year! Put your feet up indeed!

3501, Steve Robbie marathon 4:21:15


Montrose Triathlon

Big turn out of M3 members at a local event, with 20 members racing on the day, including 5 debutants! As you can see from the results, M3 finished 1,2,3 for a podium lockout, and there are only 18 finishers listed after Steve & Ute had a coming together on the bike, heal fast Ute!

1, Robert Harrison,1:06:38, Veteran,1
2, Mark McIntosh,1:06:57, Senior,1
3, Rory Fairbairn,1:08:43,Veteran,2
12, Malcolm Watson, 1:18:44,Veteran,4
20, Sarah Connolly, 1:21:59,Senior,2
29,Kathy Robertson,1:24:45,Veteran,3
30,Andrew Duff,1:25:05,Veteran, 12
32, Barbara Sweeney,1:25:36,Veteran,4
39, Steve Robbie,1:26:50,Senior,14
43,Adam Wilson,1:27:36,Senior,15
44,Eric Blyth,1:27:39,Veteran,17
45,Stephen Hambley,1:27:47,Veteran,18
51, Jacqueline Cavanagh,1:28:35,Veteran,6
58,Miriam Rennet, 1:29:50,Veteran,8
81, Steve Smith, 1:39:16,Veteran,32


Novice Race

Congratulations to all our M3 debutants at Montrose, you are now triathletes! It’s been great having you at club and seeing your progression, here’s to many more races 🙂

23, Nicola Gauld, 1:09:41,Veteran,3
70, Moriag Piggot,1:25:26, Senior,22
71, Jill Baillie,1:25:30, Veteran,15
90, Karen Martin, 1:36:33, Veteran, 24


Stirling Triathlon

Dougal was the sole M3er at Stirling, winning the Super Veteran category by 6 seconds! Great effort Dougal, those track sessions are paying off 🙂

10, Dougal Adamson, 1:12:35,Super Veteran,1

dougal stirling

Youth Triathlon

Now M3s coolest Triathlete, Simone’s son Chris Mocci made his Triathlon Debut at Stirling youth triathlon. Placing 2nd in the Tristar Start Male category, Chris is off to a flying start, with his next race being the Youth Tri champs in Glasgow on the 18th June!

1592, Christopher Mocci, 9:14,Tristar Start male,2



Blenheim Palace Triathlon

On Sunday 5th June, our very own Christine Bird traveled down to Oxfordshire to participate in the Blenheim Palace Sprint triathlon, the 3rd triathlon Christine has participated in in three weeks and another race off the bucket list! This race is a popular event amongst most triathletes, with competitor numbers towards 7,000, including race winner Alistair Brownlee.

1592, Christine Bird, 1:38:13,40-44,45



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