Race Updates – August / September

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Race Updates – August / September

A remarkable few weeks which has seen club members compete in races from novice to Middle distance European championships, and race wins ranging from Youth to Veteran category

Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon – Scottish middle distance champs

An eventful race with 16 M3ers taking part with a mixture of fortune for competitors. A chilly swim was followed up with the challenging ascents of Schiehallion, before an out in back in the increasing temperatures. Robert Harrison claimed result of the day, going one better than previous years to claim top spot of the Veteran podium, congratulations Robert! Miriam pushed herself to the limit, ending with a brief spell in the ambulance and and even though Christine bust her knee 1 mile into the run and continued to walk the remainder of the race, she was still smiling! Other incidents included a snapped pair of goggles for Greig in the swim and a dizzy spell for Ray in T1. Race of the day happened in T1 with 88 seconds covering 7 m3ers swim times (Adam 39:10, lewis 39:20, Dougal 39:32, Stephen Mudie 39:40, Mark 40:22, Alan Rose 40:37, Michelle 40:38, Greig was there too via boat!) This was the first Middle distance for a few folk, so congratulaions, it’s a toughy!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
6 Robert Harrison 4:36:34 MV 1
40 John Tonner 5:11:22 MS 16
42 Mark Hopkins 5:11:50 MS 17
60 Dean Horton 5:21:53 MV 15
68 Michelle Mackay 5:26:20 FS 4
69 Lewis Bruce 5:26:40 MS 24
85 John Smith 5:34:41 MV 21
88 Douglas Adamson 5:35:43 MSV 6
126 Stephen Mudie 5:47:59 MS 41
152 Alan Rose 5:59:35 MV 42
180 Adam Wilson 6:14:24 MS 53
219 Miriam Rennet 6:40:44 FSV 6
259 Christine Bird 7:41:44 FV 17
DNF – Didn’t run due to achilles injury Kenny Ramsay MV
DNF – Felt unwell after swim Ray Irvine MV
No position (Goggles Snapped during swim) Greig Millar 6:00:33 MS


Perth Wild Relay Triathlon

2 M3 teams raced with the mixed team, including Pauline Fairbairn in her first ever triathlon, coming 2nd in their cateory. A big congratulations also to Team Newbies, performing well in what i believe is only the 2nd triathlon of the competing members!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
6 Team M3 Tri harder 1:38:26 Mixed Team 2
32 Team Newbies 2:05:39 Female Team 8

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Ironman Kalmar

A big congratulations to Mark McIntosh on a new ironman Pb of 9:26:18, a result which last year would have seen him qualifying for Kona. Now racing in the faster M40-44 category, Marks search for a Kona slot continues!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
68 Mark McIntosh 9:26:18 40-44 17

Rubicon Middle Distance Triathlon Duathlon

When sub 10 ironmans and 22day push up challenges just aren’t enough for you, Mark headed for a Middle distance race to “test his fatigue levels”. Originally scheduled as a triathlon, due to water safety concerns, the race was changed to a duathlon, which did not seem to deter mark, as he finished 4th overall and first in category after running 5km, biking 85km finishing with a 21km X-country run.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
4 Mark McIntosh 4:02:33 40-44 1

The Great Swim – 5km race

Emma Donaldson took part in her 2nd 5km swim race this year enjoying it so much that she is planning to race the 10km next year!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
80 Emma Donaldson 1:30:10 35-39 4


Twistesee Triathlon

Now over in Germany, but still representing M3, Arno muller competed in the Twistesee Triathlon. Posting a ‘Schwimmen’ time of 43:30.5 , a ‘Lauf’ of  59:01.1, Arno completed the race in 3:21:38.7, to take 6th in his age category  . . i think, my German is not so good, the following is possibly correct:

Rang (Rank) Name Endzeit (End Time) AK (Age Category) R-AK (Cat. Position)
32 Arno Müller 3:21:38.7 (German precision) AK50 6

There’s a few guesses in there so i hope i haven’t done Arno out of a few places, gut gemacht Arno!

Loch Ore Novice Triathlon

Team Bennett was out in force at the Loch Ore novice triathlon, with daughter Anna competing well in the youth race and dad Andrew placing first in the Adult category

Overall Position Name Time Category
30 Anna Bennett 45:25 F Youth


2016 European Middle Dist. Age Group Championships – Walchsee, Austria

Race report from Miriam Rennet:

3 intrepid M3ers represented GB in their age groups and had lots of fun in a beautiful location Walchsee in Austria. We were all in different accommodation but all within a hundred meters of T1, T2 and the finish and 400m of the start. They used a rolling start in the swim which worked really well and meant that you went off whenever you wanted but could swim with folk of the same ability or in my case lack of ability haha. The swim was warm, calm and drinking quality water. The bike was 2 loops of a very hilly circuit with fast technical descents. The run was 5 laps of the lake with off road twisty paths and one hill which felt like a Munro by the last lap. It was too hot to run the temp soared to nearly 30. Unfortunately in T1 Ingrid had breathing problems due to accidentally inhailing salt. She bravely completed the race not able to get a breath most of the time but still finished 15th out of 38 in her age group in 5.26.39. She was the 4th GB out of 15 so just missed auto Qualifying for next years Champs. Robert was the star of the day finishing in 4th place out of 52 in 4.20.37 an agonising 3.42 away from a medal but consoled by a 4 min PB , 1st GB and auto Qualified for next year. I didn’t have as big a disaster as Aberfeldy and managed to finish 10th out of 19 on the start sheet and like Ingrid 4th GB out of 9. Finished in 6.19.02 but I took about 8 mins to cover the last 400m due to leg cram! It struck within sight of the finish line how frustrating. Really well organised race and the crowds were fantastic and very encouraging cow bells and Mexican waves the lot. If your looking for a half in a beautiful location that’s not flat this is the race for you

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Robert Harrison 4:20:37 M40-44 4
Ingrid Kidd 5:26:39 F40-44 15
Miriam Rennet 6:19:02 F55-59 10


robert-autria ingrid-austria

Swim run – Loch Lomond

A growing sport in scotland, 3 M3ers took part in Swim-run loch lomond, the 2nd swim-run race for Barbara in a few weeks. Practice must be paying off as Barbara and partner Elise Methven placed 1st in their category, splitting the prize of whiskey and a quiche! Both Adam and barbara commented on the beautiful surroundings of the race, noting how lucky they are to swim-run through parts of the national park that no-one else can.

Long Course

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
20 Twa Bridies – Barbara Sweeney & Elise Methven 6:10:03.7 Female 1

Short Course

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
7 Monifieth Marauders – Adam Wilson + Julie Wilson 2:27:42.4 Mixed 4


14212091_1291498370862593_7951403861465650858_n 14232559_1291499037529193_7701697946923175674_n 14079541_1291497470862683_3708517258229930046_n


M3 Autumn Handicap Duathlon

The 2nd part to our Club handicap took place on Wednesday 7th September with Steve Robbie coming out on top again. No official Times yet as the event organiser has been busy racing/Holidaying in Mexico. The result order is as follows:

Results from Autumn Handicap.
1. Steve Robbie
2. Ursula Ryder
3. Brian Simpson
4. Zoe Pickup
5. Ute Goldmann
6. Andrew Bennett
7. Eric Blyth
8. Anna Bennett
9. David Miller

Fastest on the night was Andrew Bennet with a time of 41.20, just 22 sec ahead of Steve Robbie.



Gullane Beach Triathlon

Fair conditions met a handful of keen M3ers for the Gullane Beach triathlon, with a decent chop in the swim making the Australian swim exit that little bit more difficult, a run to T1 over sand dunes and through paddling pools, add to that a tricky bike section through town centres with dodgy signage (which caught out ray and john!) and finishing with a run containing 2 steep climbs, this is a tough race!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
42 John smith 2:49:50 Vet 13
61 Alan Rose 2:57:28 Vet 20
70 Adam Wilson 3:00:40 Senior 24
Ray Irvine Wrong turn on bike loop

14291806_10154440265942980_1775839572005639396_n 14316829_10154440267662980_2213700405944586718_n


West Lothian Triathlon – Tristars3 race

More success for the juniors of the club with Eoin Simpson completing his first race for M3 by coming first at the West Lothian Tristarts3 race. Well done Eoin, glad to have you on board!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
1 Eoin Simpson 29:19 Tristar3



Galashiels Junior Triathlon

Sticking with the juniors, 2 of the clubs youngest members were in action at the Galashiels junior triathlon, with christopher placing 2nd in his category and alice 6th in hers. It’s brilliant to see such a strong contingent of junior triatheletes at M3 with results and performances to rival the adults!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
6 Christopher Mocci 12:18 A8 2
29 Alice Davidson 33:16 A9-10 6


ITU World Triathlon Championships

Race report from Dave

Ursula and I were lucky enough to qualify for the ITU Sprint World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico when the qualifiers rocked up in Strathclyde earlier in the year. Too much of an opportunity to miss and no need to drive to Cambridgeshire like usual!
It was a big trip so it was a bonus to find the qualification for sprint or standard gave you opportunity to enter the Aquathlon too. What’s not to like? So we did both. This was nearly our undoing as whist they were originally scheduled a couple of days apart in the final event they were on consecutive days. What the hell.
We stayed in the team partner hotel (still pretty set up but not cheap) and hung out with our pal Andy Redman from Fleetfeet. He and fellow Aberdonian Lindsay were great company The place was mostly taken over by triathletes and hosted half of team GB, the Kiwis, Japan, and assorted French and South Africans, including Richard Murray. We spent the days before the races acclimatising and did recce some of the swim and bike courses. Man it was hot. Never less than 30C with humidity 80-90%. Even the Mexicans thought it was too flippin hot. Sweat did evaporate as it dripped, and the sea was like getting in a warm bath.
Race day came around like they do. The event had the Big Event feel, and was very exciting to be a part of, friendly too until the gun went off. Being a non wetsuit swim the Aquathlon was a 2.5 k run then 1000m swim followed by another 2.5k run. Not easy to train for in NE Scotland ! Starts were in Age Group waves, and the standard was high. The first run was high tempo, followed by a run down the pontoon and a dive. No washing machine as we were a little staggered by that stage. It’s was getting later in the morning by the time we got out and the heat was building. There was water and ice every 500m or so and the only thing to do was dump it on your head. Run 2 was tough. The medical tent was busy and the ice baths a welcome sight at the end of the Finish funnel. Both Ursula and I surprised ourselves and finished well up the order. Ursula particularly had a hard day at the office as her AG had a much later start time, but toughed it out and earned a coconut and her hour in the ice bath.
No time to relax as we were up at too early o’clock the next day for the sprint. Waves of about 80 in a deep water start seems easy peasy compared to mass starts but this was the Worlds so everyone went off fast and the first buoy was a mess. No time to look at the coral or fish, the currents were playing a big part in the swim and had changed direction from the previous morning. It was like swimming in an endless pool at times. A long run from swim exit to bike then out onto the bike course. Flat and fast, with a good surface. The sprint was a drafting race so no TT bikes and a bit more tactical. It makes for exciting racing, even if everyones not quite worked out group riding yet. I loved it and finished well up in the bike splits and then managed to miss my bike slot in T2losing about 20 sec, which seemed nothing till I saw the results. Memo to self. Remember the basics!
Run 2 was the killer. We were already hot, and it was as hot as a pistol out there with no shade and 5k to bask out after a tough bike. Bad for me, worse for poor Ursula who started nearly 2 hours after me. Plenty folks DNFed and even more were carted off for ice pack and drips. A mid order finish was probably about right especially having raced back to back. Some folk did all 3 races including Andy. That was proper hard, and we all found the conditions made a full recovery between events difficult. The issue isn’t hydration, it’s temperature control, just ask Johnny Brownlee. Speaking of which the Elite races were part of the Worlds event which is more like a festival of Triathlon. Men and Women both had the decider for the World Series, both were not forgone conclusions, and exciting beyond description especially the men’s which will pass into legend surely! On top of this we we cheered to the rafters as team GB when we joined the parade of the nations on opening day, a fun closing ceremony, and the chance to talk nothing but Tri for a week with all sorts of nice people. The locals were friendly and accommodating and the island is made for Tri with a cycle lane right round the island, and great sea swimming everywhere . There’s an Ironman in Feb and a 70.3 in November by the way when the temp plunges to 25C….! Oh yeah and we had a lovely chat with Helen Jenkins and a photo opp with a certain Ali Brownlee on a trip the the mainland and one day. We taught them all we know. Didn’t take long.

Age Group Sprint Race

Name Time Category Cat. Position
David Stewart 1:06:36 M50-54 43
Ursula Ryder 1:50:02 F54-59 38

Age Group Aquathlon

Name Time Category Cat. Position
David Stewart 41:07 M50-54 13
Ursula Ryder 51:30 F54-59 13


14317467_10154197930887479_410195886344160966_n  14333224_10154213733327479_7689761958976325921_n14370042_10154213733212479_7560090561774493168_n


Nairn Sprint Triathlon

Taking a break from epic swim races Emma Donaldson raced in the Nairn sprint traithlon, which only contained 750m of swimming, nowadays thats what Emma calls her ‘warm up’. Training methods must be working as Emma placed 2nd in her age category, nice finish to the end of season, congrats!

Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
20 Emma Donaldson 1:37:05 F Senior 2

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