End of Year Round up

Lewis Bruce December 24, 2016 Comments Off on End of Year Round up
End of Year Round up

A little update of events over the last couple of weeks, and a few things coming up!

ABC Duathlon Round 1

Position, Name, Time, GenderPos, CategPos,
1, Robert HARRISON, 00:50:43, 1, 1,
5, Mark MCINTOSH, 00:53:20, 5, 3,
6, Andrew MERRY, 00:53:51, 6, 1,
11, David STEWART, 00:54:43, 11, 1,
15, David MILLER, 00:55:45, 15, 5,
30, Dean JENNINGS, 01:00:16, 28, 12,
31, Alan ROSE, 01:00:31, 29, 13,
32, Steven ROBBIE, 01:01:15, 30, 13,
33, Michelle MACKAY, 01:01:36, 3, 2,
39, Brian SIMPSON, 01:03:16, 34, 5,
44, Lewis BRUCE, 01:03:47, 39, 17,
54, Miriam RENNET, 01:05:55, 10, 2,
58, Gillian SANGSTER, 01:07:56, 11, 2,
61, Sarah CONNOLLY, 01:08:52, 12, 8,
81, Zoe SIMPSON, 01:14:20, 20, 10,
93, Jim PATON, 01:32:24, 65, 3,


img_3607 img_3613 img_3653 img_3656 img_3707 img_3834

Here’s a link to photos taken on the day by Peter Bracegirdle – Thanks Peter !

Water Polo – Monifieth 12 – 1 Montrose

A bit of cross training in the winter season, a hardy bunch of M3ers took the offer a water polo derby match from Montrose tri club. The match, although not close in score, was hard work indeed, with superstar Eoin Simpson being the big difference between the teams, unlike many of us, that was not Eoin’s first time playing water polo :-). Theres talk of a return leg in Dundee, so if you fancy something different, keep your eyes peeled for a post on Facebook.

15665624_10207685597913215_6429651470716919186_n 15590434_10207685597833213_1478845576500231929_n 15590089_10207685600953291_6996604305023901368_n 15589916_10207685594873139_5998621306379165517_n m3-waterpolo


Training Weekend

As mentioned by Eric this morning, the Training weekend is booked for the 21-23 of April next year. Based in Aberfeldy at the Moness Resort, it’s a fun weekend of training, suitable for all levels, there’s at least 5 coaches signed up to take you through swimming, cycling & running sessions as well as Strength & conditioning. There’s also a few experts in the club at Rest & Recovery and “Rehydration” who i’m sure will be glad to share their tips at the local watering holes on the Saturday night. 20/21 spaces, first come basis, hopefully costs will be round about £100, hope to see you there. . . . .

Festive Spin

Fantastic turn out of 25 this morning for the festive spin class. Big Thanks to Dr. spin for the Games and commentary.


Cyclists versus Runners

A fun race to keep you ticking over and burn off a few calories, Cyclists v Runners, is what it sounds like. It takes place at Caird Park on the 27th at 13:00. Racers can either run or cycle, course is offroad, no ££ cost, just a box of chocolates/bottle of fizz.

Parkrun Takeover

We would encourage all club members to support our Takeover of ParkRun on the 7th of January. It’s part of our recruitment drive for the Club. Volunteer to marshall or turn up an run it in as much club kit as you can muster. If you’re interested in helping out, the available positions and instructions on how to volunteer are available here – http://www.parkrun.org.uk/camperdown/futureroster/.

If you are interested in running or Pacing, but have never ran a ParkRun before, you can register here – http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/

All other information on Camperdown parkrun can be found here – http://www.parkrun.org.uk/camperdown/

Finally, from everyone at the club, Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year filled with many miles 😉

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