Beginning of year Round up

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Beginning of year Round up

An update on the first couple of months of the year. It’s been a cracking start, with lots of podiums/wins already as well as newcomers and good representation at events, let’s hope we continue this throughout the year!

ABC Winter Duathlon Series

Cast your mind back to February when 12 hardly souls finished off the ABC winter duathlon series. A series which is always well attended by M3ers, resulted in quite a few podiums too, with Robert Harrison winning the series outright, Gillian & Dave winning their categories as well as Michelle & Miriam finishing within the top 3 of theirs.










Results on the day

Overall Position, Name, Overall Time, Category, Overall CategPos,
1, Robert HARRISON, 1:07:59,Veteran , 1
13, Callum Rennet, 1:15:50, Senior, 8
14, David Stewart, 1:16:18, Super Vet,1
15,Andrew Merry, 1:16:33, Junior,1
24, David Miller, 1:20:21, Vet,9
30, Michelle Mackay, 1:22:04,Senior,4
31, Dean Jennings, 1:22:14, Vet, 12
34, Alan Rose, 1:24:03,Vet, 13
47, Gillian Sangster,1:30:43, Vet,1
48, Brian Simpson, 1:30:45, Super Vet, 6
52, Miriam Rennet, 1:32:54, Super Vet, 2
61, Zoe Simpson, 1:39:13, Senior, 9

Overall Results

Position, Name, Time, Category, CategPos,
1, Robert HARRISON, 3:06:06,Veteran , 1,
10, David Stewart,3:25:23,Super Vet, 1
14,Callum Rennet,3:29:48,Senior, 7
16, Dave Miller,3:32:01, Vet, 7
25,Michelle Mackay,3:43:00, Senior, 3
26, Dean Jennings,3:44:38, Veteran, 11
28,Alan Rose,3:45:11, Vet, 13
38,Brian Simpson, 4:04:18, Super Vet, 5
41, Gillian Sangster, 4:07:54, Vet, 1
42, Miriam Rennet,4:08:27,Super Vet,2
49, Zoe Simpson,4:32:05,Senior,8











Blood, Sweat, Tears and a lack of Gears . . . .

For those not familiar with this race, its a 24hr mountain bike race held in Strathpeffer every year in January! Myself, Michelle, Mark & Gillian took on this challenge as a Quad team, meaning we would complete the 24hrs as a relay team of 4. It’s hard to describe everything that happens during a 24hr race, as well as all the logistics required to get to the start line and be organised for the next 24 hours, so i’ll keep it brief-ish.

Base camp with Rory and Angus

The Team base was Gillians campervan, which was parked 3km uphill from the start, so we had to be pretty much self sufficient over the weekend, bushes for toilets, that sorta thing, nothing to seasoned ironman Mark Hopkins these days. Therefore it was convenient that Gillian brought her own pitcrew – kids Rory & Angus & husband Chris, the designated mechanic. After a cold and nervous start to the day, Dougie Vipond cheered us all up a bit before 10am rolled around and we were off!


The race started off fine, conditions of the course were good, it was dry and bright, spirits were high, it couldnt stay this easy for the duration surely?

The Jaffa cakes continued to be consumed by the dozen and everyone was feeling good, then the sun set at 4:30pm and things got more difficult. The temperature dropped to minus 4 and the rocks started glistening, the gear mechs and cables began to frost over during your lap, meaning a few of us were, coincidentally, left with 3 workable gears, it had become a proper puffer.

Lewis finished his nightshift lap off for some sleep. Mark & Rory deliriously happy, Chris, no so.

Come the nightshift, we decided to double up our laps, giving each other a longer rest off the bike and the chance for food & sleep! However, this was a little more demanding and with the weather changing for the worse, those double laps were difficult (How the hell do people race this for 24 hours solo ??? 🙂 )

Who ate all the Jaffa cakes?

Michelle struggled during her nightshift laps, frustrated with the conditions unable to stay on the bike for more than 5 minutes! This resulted in a few tears after her first lap, but a few jaffa cakes seemed to do the trick and off into the dark she went.

Unfortunately her next lap didnt go much better as she hit black ice, crashed and broke the rear brake lever from the bike. Making it back to the camper with 1 brake, she informed me of the black ice, which i duly went on to hit, tearing a hole into new pair of trousers! At this point i was pretty sore and shot of confidence and timidly pottered around the rest of the lap, only stopping to help a 15 year old in tears ( am i selling this event yet? ) This puts in perspective how impressive Gillian and marks final laps were, allowing the team to hit 23 laps complete with 4 minutes to spare!

After some more free porridge and a quick snack it was time to hit the road, making the 3 hour drive home with a few coffee stops before sinking into a bath then an early nights sleep. For me, racing this event as a quad made it a challenging, but still very enjoyable event, if you’re looking for something a bit different to keep you going next winter, then consider this race!

Weekend essentials – Food, Painkillers, String to hang your clothes up, the sign in/out sheet and the t-shirt

The Tyre’d Knobs

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
148, Tyre’d Knobs, 24:56:00, Mixed Quad, 16



Aboyne Duathlon

Winning by over 5 minutes Robert Harrison continued his good form this season, taking the trophy home before heading out for a 40 mile cool down cycle (probably). Is he a man or a machine?

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
1, Robert Harrison, 1:21:58, Vet, 1



Stirling Duathlon – Scottish Championships

At this point i’m considering investing in a macro that prints out “Robert harrison was in a race and did really well”. Congrats to Dougal also, this is a tough event consisting of a 10km run, 40km bike, 5km run, i’m sure that was an exhausting 2+hours guys, good effort.

Championship Race

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
3,Robert Harrison,2:02:14, Vet,1
45,Dougal Adamson, 2:22:10, Veteran, 8


Youth Race

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
20,Chris Mocci,06:52, Tri Star 1,11

3rd overall and 1st Veteran in the Scottish Championships for Robert

Spring into Duathlon – Youth Duathlon

Flying the flag for M3 Racing Youth was Chris Mocci. Chris has so far taken part in 3 races this year (2 Duathlons and an Aquathlon) competing in the tri star 1 age group at just 8 years old. Chris is thoroughly enjoying his races, progressing every time, with a whole host of races planned this year keeps your eyes peeled!

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
13,Chris Mocci,20:04, Tri Star 1,13



British Duathlon Championship

Andrew Merry was in action the the British Duathlon Championships, coming away with a very credible 10th place is his age category, showing that he is well over the affects of last years crash. Good to see you back racing sharp Andrew.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
10, Andrew Merry, 56:14, Elite Junior, 10



Tranent Sprint

Kicking off the triathlon season nice and early were Dougal & Alan, making the trip to Tranent for the sprint triathlon. Dougal managed 2nd in his cat, kept that one quiet! Also great to see a quick time from Alan who has been putting in a power of work recently.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
8,Dougal Adamson,01:09:40,Super Vet,2
26, Alan Rose, 01:15:03, Veteran, 6



East Fife Triathlon

12 M3ers in action at the East Fife triathlon across the Sprint, Youth and Novice events, resulting in 5 podiums! Well Done to all that took part, especially newcomer Paul Hendrie, and thanks to the photographers, capturing some great moments.

Sprint Race

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
19,Callum Rennet,1:15:24 ,Senior, 15
22,David Stewart,1:17:08 , Super Vet,1
61, Steve Robbie, 1:28:13,Senior,33
70, Emma Donaldson, 1:29:56, Senior, 8
72, Kathy Robertson, 1:30:33, Vet, 2
73, Miriam Rennet, 1:30:55, Super Vet, 1
81, Eric Blyth, 1:32:57, Super Vet,8
91, Stephen Hambley, 1:34:10, Vet, 14
113, Ursula Ryder, 1:38:51, Super Vet, 3


Novice Race

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
16, Nicola Gauld, 1:02:49, Vet, 2
23, Paul Hendrie, 1:06:30,Senior,4


Youth Aquathlon

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
15, Chris Mocci, 4:17:07, Tri Star 1, 15














Miriam with a great looking stride!

Coming up:

M3 Training weekend – This weekend!

M3 Race Night – 29th April @ David Lloyd Monifieth. Various club members have tickets for sale.

Handicapped Duathlon – Wednesday 10th of May

Mixed Team Relay + social afterwards – Sat 27th May

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