Early Season Round up

Lewis Bruce May 28, 2017 Comments Off on Early Season Round up
Early Season Round up

An update on the first couple of months of the year. It’s been a cracking start, with lots of podiums/wins already as well as newcomers and good representation at events, let’s hope we continue this throughout the year!

St. Andrews Triathlon

Cracking weather for the St. Andrews tri which saw a Triathlon debut for James Myles, a newcomer to the club, Jamie Robinson, competing and a podium (2nd Vet for Robert Harrison). Race Report courtesy of James.

I started swimming with M3 in March.  This was my first time in a training pool for around 25 years so when Louise suggested I do the St. Andrews sprint tri in April I was more than a little apprehensive.  I shouldn’t have worried, my first triathlon turned out to be a great experience.

An M3 contingent of Emma, Dean, and Rob were on hand to put my mind at ease before the off and I ended up in the same swim heat as Jamie Robinson. My swim went well, I was over a minute quicker than I’d thought I could do so it looks like racing brings out a bit more performance in me.

The bike leg was more suited to me, and on the climb out towards Anstruther I quite quickly pushed on past the faster swimmers. On turning onto the road to Kingsbarns the slope turned downwards, the tar smoothed out, and wind pushed against my back. With the perfect cycling conditions I thoroughly enjoyed pushing hard and getting up some speed.

The final part of the bike brought me back to St. Andrews through a tough cross wind and a pretty bumpy road surface.  As I approached T2 I started to focus too intently on my transition and took a wrong turn which cost me a few seconds to sort out but soon enough I was out of T2 and off on my run.

As I set off, I was surprised that I didn’t suffer too badly from wobbly legs, but it did take a while to get into my stride.  The run course takes two loops through St. Andrews with a nasty uphill (with steps) section through The Pends and a quad killing downhill towards the harbour.

To keep things simple I decided not to use my Garmin watch, so I had no idea how fast I was running.  I did know I couldn’t run any faster though, as my breathing was on the ragged edge.  The final stretch of the race brought me along the sea front at East Sands and I made an attempt at a sprint finish for the finish line photographer.  Louise, and my mate Stephen were waiting for me as I crossed the line with a smile (grimace) on my face.

It felt wonderful to have completed the race with no big problems and having given my best effort.  I was surprised and delighted to later find out that I finished up as the 4th placed veteran male. 

Needless to say, I’m now hooked and shares in Wiggle must have gone up in the past few week.  My next race is the Monikie sprint and I can’t wait to have another go.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
4, Robert Harrison, 1:08:36, Vet, 2
20, James Myles, 1:20:10, Vet, 4
27, Dean Jennings, 1:22:27, Vet, 6
30, Jamie Robinson, 1:23:02, Senior, 16
50, Emma Donaldson, 1:28:59, Senior, 7










Isle of Bute Sprint Triathlon

Seeking a change of scenery for a race, Eric headed over to the Isle of Bute. After recent ankle issues, it’s good to see that everything is A-OK and you’re back racing.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
46, Eric Blyth,1:27:53,Super Vet, 14


Selkirk Mountain Bike Marathon

The club Pres and First Lady were in action at the Selkirk MTB Marathon with Ursula doing the 25km race and Dave opting for the 50km. A tough day out, but good early preparations for next years Strathpuffer, hahahahaha, i’m joking (am i?)

25km Race

Overall Position, Name, Time
45, Ursula Ryder, 2:17:13

50km Race

Overall Position, Name, Time
34, David Stewart, 3:31:34







Loch Loman Middle Distance Triathlon

Always an eventful race, this is one of the toughest middle distance triathlons around, with a colder than usual swim (Neoprene Hat, Gloves & Boots pretty much mandatory) + a very hilly bike. This year was made even harder with a longer than planned swim! Due to drifting buoys, racers ended up swimming around 2.8km. Unfortunately for our sole M3er, disaster struck on the bike with a double puncture, rendering Cheryl out of the race about 50km odd into the bike, a sign of things to come for other M3ers racing elsewhere on the day . . . .

Kudos to friends of the club Sarah Connolly & Sally Newman-Carter, who both produced very strong runs to finish off great times overall for the race.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
DNF, Cheryl Walls, -,-,-







Outlaw Half

With over 1200 finishers, including 4 from M3, the outlaw half is one of the biggest & best middle distance triathlons in the UK. So good, Emma returned for the second year running and Ute chose it for her middle distance tri debut!

John Tonner will be glad he was co-erced into racing this event late on, as he finished first M3er of the day, followed in by Coach Smith. Also a solid time from Emma who now has a few of these middle distance races under her belt, and a successful step up to the distance for Ute. Unfortunately the race ended in disappoint for Mark, Suffering a puncture out of T1 and despite efforts to path and replace tubes, the tyre wouldn’t hold air due to a cut! (see photo below) Bad luck, thats a long way to travel for a 30 minute swim.

Most important question, did anyone make it into an Erdinger photo shoot?

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
240, John Tonner, 5:14:01, M25-29, 20
467, John Smith, 5:39:02, M45-49, 85
690, Emma Donaldson, 6:02:55, F35-39, 15
959, Ute Goldmann, 6:38:03, F55-59, 6
DNF, Mark Hopkins, -,-,-










Peterhead Novice Triathlon

Race report courtesy of Lynn Smith

4 tri newbies headed off on a road trip to Peterhead novice last weekend with a little trepidation, a little excitement and lots of good wishes from M3, family and friends.

Saturday evening consisted of bike route and run route recces alongside transition practice in the hotel room (Dougal would be proud), with of course a little bit of carb-loading and a glass or two of dutch courage!

After a ‘light’ breakfast and numerous toilet trips, we were racking bikes, laying out helmets and trainers, then standing nervously by poolside.

The swim heats were a lesson in themselves, with shouts of “get moving, stop letting them go past you” from our ‘support team’, obviously far too polite in our endeavours! The bike route was long, hilly and windy but on a sunny day was beautiful and the most enjoyable part of the race.

Significant wobbly legs off the bike and we were onto the final section of the short run out and back. All 4 ‘Team Awesome’ members trundled over the line to great cheer and support – it was a fab feeling!

Medals and new ‘post-race’ tshirts on, we were smiling from ear to ear. Great experience, great achievement, fabulous support from all at M3. Now looking for our next event, we are definitely hooked 🙂

Congratulations to you all, it’s been great to see your commitment and development over the past couple of months

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
13, Lynn Smith, 1:19:43, Vet, 5
19, Diane Keith, 1:23:24, Vet, 6
27, Fiona Anderson-Peacock, 1:29:10, Vet, 8
40, Yvonne Ramsay, 1:44:29, Vet, 13










Etape Caledonia

A popular sportive with over 3,000 finishers, a few M3ers took to the start line for the etape with decent weather to boot! Disaster struck for Kathy when her rear mech hanger sheered, resulting in the 3rd M3 DNF of the weekend!


Name, Time
Miriam Rennet, 4:16:45
Pauline Fairbairn, 4:41:26
Debbie Feeney, 4:59:06
Alan Rose, 4:59:25
Kathy Robertson, DNF










Ironman Texas

With so much going on on home soil, it’s easy to forget, but perhaps unsurprising that Mark has managed to squeeze in another ironman! This time in Texas, Mark unfortunately suffered a spot of cramp on the bike with around 30 miles to go (?), then taking the remainder of the bike leg a bit easier hoping it would come good on the run. Unfortunately it did not ease off, but bad memories of a previous ironman DNF kept mark going, still finishing in under 11 hours. Good effort and fingers crossed for the next one.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
273, Mark Mcintosh, 10:41:39, 40-44, 46


Barockstadt Fulda Triathlon Sprintdistanz Einzel

Over in Germany but still representing M3 Arno took on the Barockstadt Fulda Triathlon . Great to see you still wearing the m3 colours and see you next month when M3 will be coming to you 🙂

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
96, Arno Muller, 1:26:40, Sen4, 5










M3 Handicapped Duathlon

A big turn out and a wide range of abilities from newbies to experienced triathletes, so thanks to everyone who turned up to make events like this successful. We hope it was enjoyable (the chocolate bar part) and look forward to doing it all again in the Autumn!

Unfortunately no photos from the night, but here are the results:

Overall Position, Name, Gun Time, Individual Time
1, Brian Simpson, 1:00:12, 43:12
2, Gillian Sangster, 1:00:25, 43:25
3, Steve Smith, 1:00:41, 46:41
4, Jamie Robinson, 1:00:41, 41:41
5, Nicky Gauld, 1:02:57, 53:57
6, Norry Passaway, 1:03:57, 44:07
7, Ursula Ryder, 1:03:23, 54:23
8, Mark Hopkins, 1:03:25, 54:23
9, Adam Wilson, 1:03:32, 44:32
10, Gary Whyte, 1:04:17, 37:17
11, Zoe Simpson, 1:05:12, 50:12
12, Andrew Bennet, 1:05:13, 41:13
13, Fiona Peacock, 1:05:18, 1:05:18
14, Diane Kieth, 1:05:18, 1:05:18
15, Pauline Fairbairn, 1:05:55, 50:55
16,Dougal Adamson, 1:05:58, 40:58
17,Hannah Forrester, 1:06:20,57:20
18, Becky Forrester, 1:07:01, 58:01
19, Barbara Brown, 1:08:08, 1:08:08
20, Nicola Stewart, 1:11:10, 1:11:10
21, Tina porter, 1:13:55, 1:13:55

Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon

4 M3ers in action at the Aberfeldy Sprint triathlon, with a newer club member, Louise Marshall, making her triathlon debut. Aiming for a 1:30 in her first race, she came pretty close to that, so good effort and look forward to seeing you at the next race to beat that target 😉 Also good to see Barbara brown back competing and it is clear Jamie Robinson is suffering from Early Onset Tri Addiction, squeezing 3 races within the early season.

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
24, Jamie Robinson, 1:18:44, Senior, –
59, Louise Marshall, 1:32:03, Senior, –
64, Christine Bird, 1:33:27, Vet, –
102, Barbara Brown, 2:10:26, Vintage, –


















Aberfeldy Youth Aquathlon

Running alongside the sprint triathlon was the youth aquathlon, with 2 representatives from M3. Congratulations to both Chris Mocci and Eoin Simpson on successful races!

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
12, Chris Mocci, 13:11:39, Tri Stars 1, 12
2, Eoin Simpson, 16:23, Youth Male, 2















Scottish Schools Aquathlon Champs

Andrew Merry, who looks to have taken a stretch, and Eoin Simpson both took part in the Scottish Schools Champs Aquathlon representing Grove Academy. With very competitive fields, both members came away with good results

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
6, Andrew Merry, 19:35, S5-6, 6
27, Eoin simpson, 17:35, S3-4, 23









Bowhill Junior Duathlon

Another race done for junior Chris Mocci, this time in the borders, competing in a hard age cat between 8-12 year olds in what looks like an off-road triathlon!

Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
10, Christopher Mocci, 16:21. Male 8-12, 10











Bishopbriggs Triathlon

Good results at the Bishopbriggs sprint triathlon with both Andrew Merry & Miriam Rennet making the podium in their age cats, with Andrew coming 4th overall.


Overall Position, Name, Time,Category, Cat. Position
4, Andrew Merry, 1:06:25, Junior B, 2
99, Miriam Rennet, 1:26:26, Super Vet, 1

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