Into the thick of it

Lewis Bruce July 8, 2017 Comments Off on Into the thick of it
Into the thick of it

Stratchlyde Multisport Festival

Sprint Distance Triathlon

A large M3 field was in attendance at Strathclyde sprint which doubled up as the British champs and a british age group qualifier for the ETU event next year in glasgow. This resulted in a packed and competitive field. Some seriously impressive times posted, including the overall winning time of 1:01!  2 M3 age group podiums on the day for Michelle & Robert, which mans they qualify for the ETU race next year, congrats!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
42 Robert Harrison 1:06:21 M45-49 3
116 Callum Rennet 1:11:25 M20-24 19
175 Lewis Bruce 1:14:22 M25-29 14
182 Michelle Mackay 1:14:38 F25-29 2
215 Dougal Adamson 1:16:38 M50-54 20
324 Alan Rose 1:22:48 M45-49 33
357 Bruce Simpson 1:24:49 M50-54 37
370 Jackie Cavanagh 1:25:49 F45-49 14
380 Kathy Robertson 1:26:20 F40-44 14
388 Miriam Rennet 1:26:46 F55-59 8



















Mixed Relay Triathlon

An absolutely drookit affair, however, nothing takes the shine off club events like this

As everyone has heard me (Michelle) say many times, the Mixed Team Relay is my favourite event on the Triathlon Scotland Calendar and although we were submerged in torrential downpours throughout the event, it still didn’t change my mind! It was great to see 24 M3 athletes come together to create 6 teams, the most teams one club produced on the day – not bad for a small club! If you have 24 athletes racing, you’re going to have a few stories to share! Impressed with Jackie for finishing the bike leg after getting a puncture, top team spirit got her to T2, knowing she had to finish as it would affect her entire teams race. Hope the bike was okay! Kudos to Peter for taking part in his first triathlon and only his second time in open water, his first being the night before! The swim was wetsuit optional which was interesting for Scottish waters. Mark H couldn’t resist copying coach John Smith with a non wetsuit swim which didn’t work out in his favour as he went the wrong way anyway!

With the heavy rain it made the timing chip system go a bit loopy by giving people really short or long times. Andrew Merry however thought it “sounded about right”, that he completed the 3 disciplines in just over 16mins – sorry Andrew not this time! Lewis thought it was okay to dismount his bike about 5 metres after the dismount line – good job it is a fun event and no DQs were given. With a strong field of junior teams it was always going to be a difficult day to podium in both sections, but team Wetsuit Strippers and team 3 Buoys and a Gill both claimed 4th place in their categories.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
7 Wetsuit Strippers 1:34:29 Champs 4
12 3 Buoys and a Gill 1:39:31 Open 4
18 J-Bomb and the Pussycats 1:47:00 Open 7
20 Triple Threat 1:49:21 Open 9
22 Cirque de Sore Legs 1:52:00 Open 10
26 Run Like the Winded 1:57:20 Open 13

2017 ETU Aquathlon European Championships

Expand for Race report from Dave

Back in May Ursula and I answered our country’s call and trooped off to Bratislava in Slovakia to defend our nation’s honour in the European Aquathlon Championships. It’s a direct flight from Edinburgh these days, or you can fly into Vienna if you fancy a multi-city visit, then it’s an hour by coach (or boat down the Danube!) to Bratislava.

We’d qualified through our placement in the Worlds back in Mexico last year, there is no official qualifying race for these champs. We got there a few days early and did some tourist stuff – it’s a good place to visit, with Germanic and Slavic culture and a distinct post-communist atmosphere still in evidence – still a bit off the main tourist trail – in a good way.

The event was as ever dominated by the British entry – but less so than the AG Triathlon events tend to be. There was a good mix of other Europeans in the field. The Aquathlon’s  a bit more low key and a smaller event in terms of entry compared to Tri or Duathlon Champs. The race organiser was Richard Varga’s brother – he’s the big guy in the photograph – he was really fun and super friendly – we had a nice chat with him as he setting up the course whilst enjoying a fried cheese sandwich, with extra cheese. Richard grew up about 500m away from the event centre and was back to win the Elite event on home soil.

The venue was like a sunny, warmer version of Strathclyde Park. Water temp was 20oC, so wetsuits optional. Swim recce done, and team photo sorted race day rolled round – it was all done with a bit of style – a proper blue carpet start line grid with each athlete called by name, then a 1000m swim with water exit and re-entry at 500m – exciting! After that it’s shoes on and a 5k bash up and down the cycle path – easy!

It was pretty warm, and more so for Ursula who was in a later wave than me, we both opted for wetsuits however. Most folk did. For some reason it seems the athletes that turn up for these events are generally pretty good swimmers! It was exciting racing and competitive right through the field, tough but fair racing with good results for GP as ever. By the end of the day Ursula had been on the podium with bronze in her AG safely in the bag (Yay!), and as for myself no gong, but 3rd Brit and entry to next year secured as an automatic qualification. Oh no! – more swimming!

And what happen next? Nothing to say. Other than than to say that in Bratislava beer is 1.50E for a big beer, and we had plenty Euros left…

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Ursula Ryder 45:44 F55-59 3
David Stewart 39:16 M50-54 14


Montrose Triathlon

Always a popular event for M3ers, especially for newcomers to triathlon, we had 21 club members racing on the day. As can be seen from the results, we did alright too, with Robert 2nd vet, Dougal 1st super vet and Peter McEleavy 2nd overall in the novice race. A huge congratulations to our newcomers who joined us earlier this year and took part in their first triathlon, you can now call yourselves Triathletes 🙂 It’s great to have you on board, keep it up!

Sprint distance

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
4 Robert Harrison 1:09:15 Vet 2
6 David Miller 1:12:42 Vet 4
7 Dougal Adamson 1:13:27 Super Vet 1
8 John Tonner 1:13:35 Senior 3
11 John Smith 1:15:16 Vet 6
14 Jamie Robinson 1:17:23 Senior 6
31 Kathy Robertson 1:23:27 Vet 4
39 Norry Passaway 1:25:27 Super Vet 6
55 Louise Marshall 1:28:51 Senior 4
74 Nicky Gauld 1:33:59 Veteran 8
105 Barbara Mary- Brown 2:06:55 Vintage 1
DNF Steve Robbie

Novice distance

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
2 Peter McEleavy 57:42 Veteran 1
25 Lynn Smith 1:12:18 Veteran 3
46 Jill Baillie 1:18:46 Veteran 7
48 Margaret Mackie 1:19:24 Super Vet 4
67 Fiona Anderson-Peacock 1:24:14 Vet 11
75 Karen Martin 1:29:00 Vet 15
85 Nicola Leddie 1:33:25 Vet 20
86 Angela Millar 1:33:25 Super Vet 8
87 Tina Porter 1:33:51 Vet 21


Stirling Triathlon

A good showing of M3 competitors at Stirling including a family day out! Congratulations in order to Bruce Simpson who made the podium as 3rd Super Vet, good to see you’re over your injuries Bruce. It was a big day out for Team Wyvis, which consisted of Debbie, Caitlin & Erin Wigham as well as Isla & Eve Fairbairn, all of whom made their triathlon debut! Proud day for the Fairbairns and Chief !


Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
56 Dean Jennings 1:15:17 Vet 9
57 Alan Rose 1:16:38 Vet 12
166 Bruce Simpson 1:19:18 Super Vet 3
95 Ute Goldmann 1:34:07 Super Vet 8


Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
76 Deborah Wigham 1:11:58 Vet 30


Name Time Category Cat. Position
Eve Fairbairn 09:20 Junior 8 5
Caitlin Wigham 15:11 TS1 10
Chris Mocci 15:18 TS1 21
Isla Fairbairn 15:29 TS1 12
Erin Wigham 17:45 TS1 F 24





Deva Triathlon

Making the trip to Chester for a World Age Group Qualifier, Miriam was greeted with a really high standard of race, however, finishing 8th in her age group may still prove good enough for a roll down slot. Overall, Miriam reported that it was a really well organised race with a river swim followed by a surprisingly lumpy bike then a reasonably flat 3 loop run with great support from crowd in centre of Chester.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
660 Miriam Rennet 2:48:03 F55-59 8

Loch Ore Triathlon

A sold out local race now offering a sprint and standard distance. Strong M3 showings on the day, including Gillian placing 3rd female overall. Results even more impressive considering the rumours that some athletes were dancing away until the wee small hours the previous night at a wedding . . . Also a debut for Arno’s bucket-hat, not sure if it will take off?

Standard distance

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
14 David Stewart 2:24:05 Super Vet 2
39 Gillian Sangster 2:39:58 Vet 2
72 Miriam Rennet 2:54:22 Super Vet 1
76 Shaun Walsh 2:56:50 Super Vet 9

Sprint distance

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
67 Arno Muller 1:21:03 Super Vet 12
130 Ursula Ryder 1:30:19 Super Vet 6


2017 Herning ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

A solid result for Robert over in Denmark competing in the middle distance euro champs, placing 6th in his age category, but also the first British triathlete home in his age category, meaning he automatically qualifies to do it all again next year!

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Robert Harrison 4:24:06 M45-49 6


Ironman Lanzarote & Celtman Extreme Triathlon

Since the last report Mark Mc has managed to complete 2 ironmans, wtf?! :-))))))))

After Ironman Texas, he thought he’d give Lanzarote a go, but his body was tired and he was not on form that day.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
309 Mark McIntosh 11:36:37 M40-44 51

So with Ironman Kalmar not for a couple more months, what do you do when bored in between Ironman events? The Celtman apparently. . .

For those not familiar with the Celtman it is a long distance extreme triathlon, with a rather cold, jelly fish infested swim, a 202km bike (because 180km is not enough) and a marathon that takes in 2 Munros – brutal stuff!

Mark described this race as better than his last, although the swim was freezing, with mark requiring porridge and a cup of tea in T1 i believe! 16 minutes later he headed out on bike to catch everyone. After a good bike, Mark set off for the run, which had to be shortened due to the weather, meaning no summit in this Celtman! Overall, he reports he was hoping for better result but ended up 35th Male.

Ironman Kalmar next where Mark got his PB last year of 9:26(?) No pressure then.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
36 Mark McIntosh 13:09:06 MVet 11



Eyemouth Sprint Triathlon

Fresh from success at Montrose, Peter McEleavy stepped up to Sprint Distance at Eyemouth triathlon.

As someone new to the Club & Triathlons, as well as competitive sport or indeed any form of organised training, I have taken things gradually since joining in January.  But after the DL Indoor & Montrose Novice I decided to find a Sprint to tri.  The weekend of 10/11 June was free and with Lochore full, I headed to the Borders. The Eyemouth Sprint & Novice is part of the Borders Triathlon Series (Galashiels, Hawick, Kelso & Peebles).

Eyemouth is a traditional wee fishing port, down the road from the picturesque St Abbs – so good weekend away potential.  The swim was in the ageing local pool – just four lanes – but quite a homely feel.  It was my first competitive 750 and I was glad to make my 14 min target.  T1 was immediately out the backdoor on the car park (I managed to avoid sitting down this time and had an almost respectable time!).  Quite fitting that the carpark was sloped, as this was a pre-cursor for the 20.6k bike ride up the  A1107.  Most of the outward 10k was up hill, though there was a recuperative hill to descend before the village of Coldingham (major braking required due to big bends) then it was onto the real hill to the wind farm.  After a winter attending the spin classes in Douglas I had the power to reel in a few people – I sensed Michael Emslie screaming in my ear – “Power Climb”, “Put a big gear” “Put a bigger …..”  By the time I reached the turning point (the only place where there is a layby) I had an Edinburgh Triathlete Club member in my sights, but he sped away in the descent, chased by a Dutch flower lorry.  By the time I reached Coldingham again the heavens had opened and the village more than lived up to its name. The welcome descent on the outward leg was now an unpleasant wet slog, but then it was a very quick nip back to the leisure centre and T2.  The run took participants past the beach, round both sides of the harbour and then over the headland, which included a rather long and sapping climb.  By then the sun was blazing down and the sight of 3 crates of water at the top spurred me on – but they were firmly encased in plastic and the solitary marshal was staring towards the harbour not the panting M3er heading towards her! I thought about stopping but pushed on hoping the harbour would come quickly for the home leg.  It did, and the sight of other participants spurred me on and I was able to increase my pace in the run back through the harbour, finishing in 1:23:03; 14th overall, 7th in category.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first sprint and, as someone who doesn’t mind climbing, Eyemouth provided a great introduction in what was a picturesque, low-key event which attracted a decent number of novice sprinters like myself.  I’ll be back to give it another go next year.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
14 Peter McEleavy 1:23:03 V40 7


Ironman Staffordshire  70.3

Race report courtesy of Kathy!

IM 70.3 Stafford took place on 18 June between Cannock Chase reservoir and Rugeley Hall, a picturesque Country Manor hosting the run and finish line.

The swim had a controlled rolling start and was calm and 20 deg, unlike Edinburgh 2 weeks later! The bike wasn’t as flat as I had hoped with one big loop involving 900m of rolling hills in beautiful countryside. The run was 3 laps around Rugeley grounds and 3 times past the village pub complete with booming music, DJ commentary and about 500 spectators holding cold beers. The cold beers looked good by the time we were running as it was over 30 degrees- which training in a Scottish spring doesn’t really prepare you for, as we all realised, and our times showed.

Good points about this race were the scenic course, easy swim, closed roads and of course big M dot buzz. On the negative side there was a LOT of faffing the day before with the split transitions being quite far apart, not signposted well enough for our liking and no parking near t1. A great weekend was had with 4 M3 plus Adam (Christine’s other half) competing, and Jackie Cavanagh nailing her first attempt at the distance.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
866 Jackie Cavanagh 6:22:43 F45-49 14
987 Kathy Robertson 6:35:06 F40-44 22
1033 Emma Donaldson 6:38:37 F35-39 28
1293 Christine Bird 7:05:08 F40-44 42


Dusseldorf European Sprint Triathlon Championship – Jun 2017

Expand for Gillian’s take on her experience

It seemed like I qualified for Dusseldorf by accident – after not very much arm twisting by the dynamic duo (Lewis and Michelle). Not really knowing anything about triathlon I didn’t even realise what I was getting into, however, I was feeling fairly ok with my swimming, and my running wasn’t too bad after being injured, my bike was always rubbish – a bike ride every fortnight doesn’t really count as training (no time !!), so I thought I’d give the qualifier a shot. I scraped into qualifying in 20th place !

After qualifying I tore the cartilage in my hip and did nothing (except eat and drink) for about 4 month and found it really difficult to get back any fitness.  Just as I was starting to feel a bit fitter again, I broke my ribs, then I hurt my foot. Getting old.

But by the time Dusseldorf came around, I had done some training and was actually feeling ok – I was still really worried though, that I’d be massively out of my depth and I was also worried about being last !
My husband, Chris, and I decided to drive to Dusseldorf with me and stay in an apartment – to try and keep the costs down. So we drove to the glamorous Pontefract, where we stayed overnight and then drove to the Dover – Dunkirk ferry the following day. The drive to Dusseldorf ended up being slightly longer than planned – because I (navigator) sent us down a half hour diversion, twice – woops (Chris not happy) – ended up getting to Dusseldorf at 12.30 at night. But that was really the only down side of the whole trip.
Saturday we had the team meeting, where we met up with other M3ers and then went for a massive pizza lunch. The beer was really tempting, but I managed to hold off (only drank some of Chris’s !!).
We had a wee sleep in the afternoon !! then racked our bikes in the evening – oh my god – bike envy :-/

Saturday night was finished off by more food at an ‘interesting’ Italian restaurant, where the meals took forever to arrive, and when they did arrive, they weren’t what we’d ordered – however they were very tasty. Then it was back to the apartment to faff around checking everything 10 times, and an early bed – to try and get, at least some sleep !

I was awake early on Sunday morning, of course, race day. We walked back down to transition and I put my final bits of kit in the transition box. I was really quite nervous by this point, but enjoying the whole event atmosphere and the crowds. It felt big and I was a bit in awe of everything – I felt a bit shell-shocked and I think I was running about like a headless chicken (a headless, shell-shocked chicken !?). We managed to watch a couple of the swim waves starting, then I made my way to the athletes marquee – got into my wetsuit – hurraaaaay – there had been talk of a non-wetsuit swim because it was so warm. My hands were shaky, and it was a bit strange to be at the start of an event where I didn’t know anyone, but I just tried to concentrate and keep calm before we were moved into our holding pens. This bit was very nerve wracking and my heart was jumping out of my chest – I just wanted to get in the water and swim.

So – I swam well, it wasn’t too congested, I just got on with it and enjoyed it. The 70 steps from the water and the long run in T1 were ‘fun’. I managed to clip my helmet up ok (usually it takes about 6 tries) – smiled to Chris who was taking photos, and took off down the reeeaally long bike/run section – I wasn’t sure how I’d get on running so far in my bike shoes, but I wasn’t too bad. I remembered to get on my bike after the line – I have a mental block about whether I get on the bike after the line or before the line, and the same for getting off – is it before the line or over the line !?! luckily there is usually someone shouting at you.

The bike went ok, I cycled quite well for me, but relative to the other girls, I was quite slow, I was passed by quite a few in my age group. I did pass lots of other people though, so didn’t feel too bad. The course was flat and fast, with some nice corners coming off the bridges – there had been lots of crashes in the earlier heats, but everyone around me was ok.

I have a mega fear of getting a puncture on the bike, so I’m always delighted to make it to the end of the bike. So I made it to the end of the bike and I managed to get off my bike ok !! no dramas in T2 and set off on the run. I always enjoy the run and managed to pass lots of people, including people in my age group. I even managed a wee sprint at the end to overtake another two ladies on the blue carpet.
It felt so amazing to finish and realise that I had done it !! It just felt brilliant.

In typical German style, we had 0% alcohol beer and a salted pretzel in the finish area – and both were awesome. Chris took some photos and I faffed around in a daze talking to everyone because I was so excited !!

I was happy to finish, happy not to feel out of my depth, and happy that I’d given it a decent shot. I thought that 9th Brit and 17th overall in my category was pretty good.

Afterwards, we watched the racing, then went out for burger and mountains of chips, and beer, and then some more beer, and some more. It had been a great day ? ?

The journey home was uneventful. Still on a high. The whole trip was just a brilliant experience, I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

(I’m still wearing my pink athlete’s band !!)

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Michelle Mackay 1:17:52 F25-29 4
Lewis Bruce 1:19:11 M25-29 35
David Stewart 1:20:42 M50-54 42
Gillian Sangster 1:24:11 F45-49 17
Miriam Rennet 1:30:38 F55-59 15
Ursula Ryder 1:34:39 F55-59 22


Dusseldorf ‘Hobby Race’

This was a fun race to watch, known as the hobby race, it’s a little less serious than the mornings events, which allowed for some bizarre participants! Some riders were on what could be described as boris bikes! Some had full panniers, some single speeds, there was even a guy who did the bike leg wearing flip flops! Great atmosphere of fun surrounding this event.

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Arno Muller 1:30:52 M50-59 38
Ute Goldmann 1:41:36 W50-59 8


Swimrun Glencoe

2 M3 teams in for this one, with both finishing second in their categories! It seems both Barbara and Adam managed to persuade Emma & James to pair up with them on short notice, making their success even more impressive.

The first 5km of the race was up hill along the west highland way – that was the easy part. From then on it was peat bogs and cold Lochans for the next 15km. With the terrain being unrunable for your average non peat bog runner, made getting warm after the cold swims nigh on impossible. Warmth came when tripping and landing head first and up to elbows in mud – warm there! A tough but fun experience.

No list of results for this one strangely!

Ironman Edinburgh 70.3

The Ironman train has rolled into Scotland. With so many members taking part in ironman events throughout the world, there was always going going to be a decent turnout for the inaugural event in Edinburgh. Weather conditions were less than ideal on the day, resulting in a shortened & very choppy swim. Kudos to those dealing with the conditions. Next up was a rather hilly bike course, followed by multiple laps of a hilly run course, making this a tough day out.

Overall the reaction to this event has been largely positive and will likely see a large M3 contingent heading there next year too!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
27 Robert Harrison 4:30:05 M45-49 2
81 John Wigham 4:56:38 M40-44 10
94 Mark Hopkins 5:00:39 M40-44 14
103 Rory Fairbairn 5:04:32 M40-44 17
143 David Stewart 5:14:16 M50-54 8
403 Dougal Adamson 5:48:39 M50-54 21
551 Scott Begg 6:03:24 M35-39 106
566 Dean Jennings 6:05:04 M40-44 84
890 Craig Dickie 6:45:44 M45-49 114
914 Archie Dick 6:48:36 M55-59 34
1037 Shaun Walsh 7:06:01 M50-54 64

Knockburn Triathlon

Always a good local race, with the 2 M3 participants being very active in the last couple of weeks! I make that 5 races for Bruce and 5 for Pete in this report alone (including Pete’s first triathlon) It’s addictive, isn’t it? 🙂 The M3 junior section was also out in force for this event, with Anna Bennet, Chris Mocci and the Kidd’s Kids putting on a great show in an open water triathlon, Well Done!

Sprint Distance

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
30 Peter McEleavy 1:10:55 Vet 13
46 Bruce Simpson 1:13:44 Super Vet 7


Kids Triathlon








Tri-star 1, age 9-10 150m swim, 3.2km bike, 1200m run

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Zara Kidd 17:53 TS1 Female 5
Christopher Mocci 18:50 TS1 Male 11
Isla Kidd 19:08 TS1 Female 9

Youth, age 15-16, 400m swim, 10km bike, 3km run

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
30 Anna Bennet 41:24 Youth Female 3

Ripon Standard – British Champs & York Sprint double header

A wee post on Bruce’s double header!

A wee post on the double header at Ripon and York, the standard British champs at Ripon racecourse was different class to what we have in Scotland just so much more serious and fun mixed, nearly every person had GBR on but the wooly M3 hat got more looks on a sunny 22degrees 👍

Swim was one lap with more weeds than monikie so I was in control , bike out and back alongside the motorway so it was gung ho on the way out but howling wind was waiting for the way back (that was tough ) run, great way to see the countryside lovely little farm lanes with people holding water hoses as it was a welcome spray !!

Singers and even a juggler on route was a fun part of the race but I struggled the last mile with a touch of cramp but a healthy 2hrs 42mins 46secs well chuffed 54th in age category ,612th overall not bad from 1112 finishers and mostly GBRs 👍

 Sunday York sprint 312 entered swim was 400m so nice to get my body moving as a touch of cramp in my toes by the 3rd length I was off 👍 onto the bike 6laps of undulating circuit but you can get a good speed up , the run was 4lap of the fields again flattish but by that time I was needing the pub 👍👍 

So a good 1hr 10mins 6th in age group and 46th overall had me totally chuffed , great weekend meeting new friends and a look at what the brownlees have to train in (SUPERB facilities) so a big thumbs up 👍👍.

Ripon Standard

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
612 Bruce Simpson 2:42:46 Super Vet 54

York Sprint

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
43 Bruce Simpson 1:10 Super Vet 6

Triathlon Scotland National Youth Champs

One for the kids, the National Youth champs saw 3 racers from M3 competing over a distance of 150m swim, 4km bike and a 1200m run. Great action shot of chris, well done to all who took part!

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Zara Kidd 21:22 TS1 F 11
Chris Mocci 22:13 TS1 M 24
Isla Kidd 23:35 TS1 F 24

Ironman Austria

Ironman Austria Race report

A wee race report from Austria ironman. The race was 0640 kick off so not too early. Got down to the start about 0545 after a 5 minute taxi journey. The swim was a rolling start, which meant the participants were encouraged to gather into an area which indicated their estimated swim time, and then let into the water 8 at a time every 5 seconds. Made it feel less frantic and prevented the usual melee. Not sure what the water temp was but it was a lot warmer than the ferry, but thankfully wetsuit legal for everyone but the pro’s. Enjoyed the swim especially the last km up the canal. Really chuffed with my swim time of 1:24.

The bike course was 2 laps. Hilly course with around 1900m climbing, which was made even harder due to not being able to get the two bottom granny gears for reasons unknown. Brillant descents though. Over the moon with 6 hours and 7 minutes. Felt great at the start of the run, but was trying not to get carried away. Started to feel no so braw about the half way point, so I had to slow down to a walk jog for a while. Managed to get a second wind though and drag myself over the line.

Buzzing after finishing in 12 hours 10 minutes. Brilliant race, beautiful venue and really well organised.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
1554 Ray Irvine 12:10:05 M45-49 293

West Highland Way

Marc Smith is a mad man. The West Highland way race is an incredibly tough race, 95 miles of running with 14,000 feet of climbing on rough terrain. Hats off to you Marc, deserve a few beers after 28+ hours of running!

Overall Position Name Time
109 Marc Smith 28:25:29


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