Summer racing

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Summer racing

M3 Scottish Championship Sprint Triathlon

A sell out M3 sprint triathlon hosting the scottish champs for the 2nd time, with 300 triathletes descending into the waters at Monikie park. The race itself was a great success with great feedback all round. The race attracted great quality triathletes with Doug Roberts & Debbie Moore winning the titles on the day. Huge thanks to Mark, Eric, the race committee and all volunteers & helpers.

All in we had 29 M3ers racing on the day, ranging from youth to vintage, so another excellent showing on that front. See you all next year.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
12 Robert Harrison 1:08:20 MVET 3
15 Andrew Merry 1:08:42 MJUN 4
32 Callum Rennet 1:12:38 MSEN 17
49 David Miller 1:15:35 MVET 12
56 Gordon Brown 1:16:17 MSEN 24
57 Lewis Bruce 1:16:42 MSEN 25
61 Jamie Robinson 1:17:23 MSEN 27
71 Dougal Adamson 1:18:05 MSVET 8
74 Michelle Mackay 1:18:18 FSEN 6
77 James Myles 1:18:38 MVET 18
96 Eoin Simpson 1:20:30 M-YTH 4
129 Gillian Sagster 1:24:00 FVET 7
134 Bruce Simpson 1:24:32 MSVET 19
146 Stephen Mudie 1:25:37 MSEN 46
151 Scott Begg 1:26:21 MSEN 48
159 Miriam Rennet 1:27:14 FSVET 4
165 Kathy Robertson 1:28:11 FVET 11
166 Jacqui Cavanagh 1:28:11 FVET 12
168 Emma Donaldson 1:28:26 FSEN 16
189 Laura Reid 1:31:01 FSEN 20
201 Ursula Ryder 1:32:15 FSVET 9
202 Phil Blady 1:32:16 MVET 45
205 Hayley Brown 1:32:42 FSEN 23
211 Adam Wilson 1:33:47 MSEN 62
219 Kevin Walton 1:34:36 MVET 47
222 Stephen Hambley 1:36:15 MVET 48
228 Andrew Duff 1:37:22 MSVET 28
247 Jim Paton 1:47:24 MVNT 10
251 Barbara Carr 1:50:34 FVET 20

Selkirk Youth Aquathlon

Youth representation for M3 is growing! A huge thumbs up to the Kidd Kids & Chris Mocci on their continued racing and enthusiasm for all things triathlon, it’s great to see so many events aimed at junior/youth and m3 being represented and doing well at these events. Keep it up 🙂

Name Time Category Cat. Position
Juliette Kidd 4:05 Age 8 4
Zara Kidd 8:11 Age 9-10 3
Chris Mocci 9:08 Age 9-10 6

St Marys Loch Standard Distance Triathlon

Expand for Race report from Brian

8am The dawning of a new day for Zoe & I, Yes 8am, race start not until 11am, an unusual lie in as we were staying at a friend’s only some 15 miles from the event.

As we approach the Loch and get site of it again (remembering it from Previous off road Durty events) the nerves begin to kick in, not much is said after I point out the obvious, “looks a bit choppy”, well not much that I can print anyway.

We get to the carpark and meet a guy in my category ‘old gits’ looking very fit, who is from the UK but lives in Phuket Thailand, has come over to the UK because it is the rainy season out there, Zoe and I look at one another, he has entered a Durty Tri Event in Scotland and today we are having a monsoon? “Good luck and see you in a couple of hours” he says confidently as he heads to the briefing. I think to myself, yeah when you pass me as I am going out on run and you are almost back.

The briefing (Paul  Mr Durty Tri McGreal) goes like this :-

Morning, everyone, welcome to ST Mary’s Standard Triathlon.

Swim – twice round it’s a bit choppy…………….

Bike – out and back, it’s a bit windy, wet, and slippery, some pot holes and golden rule stay on the right side of the white line. You can’t get lost on this one……………………?

Run – along the Loch and back, if you get lost on this one you need to consider another sport really……………………….?

PS it’s also a bit wet and slippery……………………..

We head in to the water’s edge and bump in to fellow members/ honoree members Cheryl and Sarah (Connolly), looking as sheepish as we both feel and probably thinking ‘if this was a training session we would not be bothering’!!!!!

We get the nod to get in the water and after most of the competitors literally going on all 4’s due to slippery rocks to get in, 2 min warning, 1 min warning were off no time to think, head for the first yellow boy, hmm almost 200 people in water most of them in front of us, (well me anyway) all with yellow caps on. Lets just say a few issues and sometime later we attempt to exit the loch over, yes those slippery rocks, oh and yes as Mr McGreal had pointed out it was a bit choppy…………

Dragged out of water because I could not stand up, wet suit zip stuck, transition that seemed to take forever, Zoe appears right next to me, out of transition. Great thank god that’s over, on the bike and were off!!! The heavens open, stair rods are sent down from above and I am thinking ‘what is the guy from Thailand thinking right now’?

The problem with the bike and run recce 2 weeks earlier, was that the wind was in the opposite direction, now tailwind out and head wind back on the bike, 4 miles (that’s 6500m for you younger metric guys) uphill and 9 miles (14500m) downhill. Now remember that golden rule stay on the right side of the white line, well at speeds touching 70km + I tried this new concept (honest Mr Hopkins I did tri) and almost immediately met with met with my demise, a hillside and a few sheep, I figured I had got it wrong and the right-side of the white line is the one you are on when descending. That and a wee bit of air on the bridge at the Grey Mares Tail, applause from the crowds who I almost take out, a few up and downs a wee scary about turn in middle of the road at halfway and that’s the outbound done.

Lots of encouragement on the return leg from fellow M3er’s, who spotted me in my new gleaming M3 Tri suit (thank you Mr Rose), which was of course the reverse of the above in to ‘shall we call it a stiff headwind’ including pedaling all the way down the decent another new concept.

Bike done, nice long run from dismount to transition, ‘NOT’, mind you helped loosen the lead fishing waders I was wearing for some reason!!, good job had the bike to keep me up.

Another near perfect transition (LOL) and off on the run, more encouragement from M3er’s at the turn, I swear, same order and same gap (not much) Cheryl, Sarah, Zoe. A few good runners passed on way back as I waited for the invertible Cheryl, Sarah and Zoe to catch and pass….

“Well done keep it going Brian” yells Cheryl as she passes me like Paula Radcliffe, I am thinking she can’t keep that pace up?? Wrong…………….

At last the finish line in sight, not before another slippery and wet bit, it’s over, and Cheryl applauding me over the line and looking like she just completed a 5km training session.

I am closely followed by Sarah another 5km training session colleague of Cheryl’s, not far behind Zoe finishes in a flurry, not as relaxed as the other 2 M3 guys, but looking and feeling a whole lot better than I am.

That said we all did well, given the conditions, not sure what time Cheryl and Sarah were looking for, however, Zoe smashed her best anticipated by over 1/4hr finishing 5th in her category, podium next time Mrs S!! Whilst I also did better that anticipated and got under that 3hr marker (actually only 45 mins behind a rather damp looking Thailand traveler to the Scottish Summer, a little further down the pecking order in my category, hmm school report ‘must try harder next time Simpson’ LOL.

Well done ‘Durty Events’ Fantastic event, well organised, very professional and a must for anyone looking for a challenge between standard flat road Tri with run on hard surface to full off road.

A final thank you to all the coaches and members at M3 for all their help and encouragement.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
69 Cheryl Walker 2:47:34 FSenior
75 Brian Simpson 2:48:25 MSuper Vet
100 Zoe Simpson 2:57:21 FVeteran


Outlaw Long Distance Triathlon

Massive congratulations in order to Steve Smith on stepping up to his first long distance triathlon. Steve has been a long standing member of the club and this is a huge milestone checked off for him! He assures me he will get round to writing a race report at some point . . .

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
856 Stephen smith 14:11:05 M 55-59 28

Inverurie Sprint Triathlon

Another event in the Aberdeenshire series with the usual suspects taking part & doing well

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
1 Robert Harrison 1:18:38 Vet 1
13 David miller 1:32:15 Vet 5
30 Miriam Rennet 1:41:21 Super Vet 1


Castle Howard

4 fresh from the sprint European championships headed down to Castle Howard keen to qualify for the standard distance European champs next year in Estonia. This was the first time i’d raced a Castle Series triathlon. Transition was based in the grounds of Castle Howard itself, giving a great setting for a race. The downsides for this race included the price (£110 at the time we entered) and the lack of accommodation, which resulted in a night at a local campsite sleeping in the back of my dads converted camper van! Pizza with Chips was a plus.

The race was well organised, although the swim route was a bit confusing, with my wave swimming over the top of the middle distance race on their second lap?!? The bike was a fair course with a few sharp climbs and an extra 5km to boot. The run i was not prepared for with a decent amount of climbing through fields with lots of mud, and i brought a pair of Adidas boosts . . . Greeted with a sticky bun and a coconut water over the finish line. Kudos to those doing the middle distance, 2 laps of that run course would be very tough!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
59 David Stewart 2:38:30 M 50 4
128 Michelle Mackay 2:50:39 F 25 4
143 Lewis Bruce 2:53:43 M25 4
154 Gillian Sangster 2:55:05 F40 7

2017 Târgu Mures ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships

On his way home from Yorkshire, Dave dropped one bike off at an airport, grabbed the bag with his mountain bike in it, then caught a flight to Romania. The President& First Lady have become globetrotters this year, with Dave making the mountain bike & Xtris a goal for the year. While in Translyvania, they both took part in the Dracula night run as well as the Dracula night swim, Ursula even ended up on TV!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
David Stewart 2:28:20 M50-54 8

Gullane Beach Triathlon

A staple of the Scottish triathlon calendar, Gullane provides a tough race for those involved starting with a normally choppy swim in the forth, featuring an Australian exit and finishing with a hilly grass/off-road run. A good run out for 3 M3ers, with Robert Harrison making the podium, well done to those competing!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
3 Robert Harrison 2:19:43 M Vet 2
57 Alan Rose 2:57:02 M Vet 15
110 Stephen Hambley 3:21:31 M Vet 32

Westhill Sprint Triathlon

A triathlon debut for Valerie and a new race bike for Miriam, whose rear mech cable snapped during her warmup. Luckily there was a bike on site that Miriam could borrow, so after swapping pedals and the front wheel, she was good to go. A first pool triathlon for Lewis & Michelle with a puncture ruining Michelle’s day out. However, success came in the shape of Robert Harrison who won the overall race.


Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
7 Bruce Simpson 50:23 M Super Vet 2
42 Valerie Hopkins 1:03:44 F Senior 9


Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
1 Robert Harrison 1:04:57 M Vet 1
13 Lewis Bruce 1:14:52 M Senior 7
35 Steve Robbie 1:25:33 M Senior 13
36 Miriam Rennet 1:25:34 F Super Vet 3
42 Michelle Mackay 1:26:38 F Senior 5
79 Barbara Carr 1:45:14 F Vet 10



Aviemore X-Tri Scottish Championships

“Fresh” from the Euopean xtri champs in romania, Dave, joined by Ursula & Gillian headed to Aviemore for the x-tri Scottish championships. A very high standard of competitors on the day with Gillian finishing 2nd in her age cat taking home a shiny silver medal.

Long Durty

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
24 David Stewart 2:06:35 Super Vet 12
Gillian Sangster 2:25:04 F Veteran 2

Short Durty

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
24 Ursula Ryder 1:29:27 F Super Vet

Mull of Kintyre Sprint Triathlon

A bonny place to go for a triathlon, keen bean Peter McEleavy chalked up yet another successful race this year, with m3er Christine watching on, cheering on both Peter & her other half Adam. MoK, although a beautiful place to visit, doesn’t guarantee good weather, you may be able to tell from the photos that it was chucking it down from start to finish!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
19 Peter McEleavy 1:29:22 Male 12


Ironman Hamburg

Two M3ers, Cheryl & Miriam completed their first Ironman at Hamburg see below for their races reports

cheryl IM Report

Sunday 13th of August 2017, the day I visited HELL and lived. I’ll try to keep this brief. The swim was a long 3.8km and I didn’t have my best swim, I went off course (badly) a few times and there was a few argy-bargy bits as we were bottle-necked under 2 narrow bridges. The Australian exit was fun and actually a nice break, came out of the water before swiftly face-planting back in again, 3.8km in 1.17mins. Now a 200m-ish run to T1, with transition being 800m long itself, next onto the 182km bike! I had some real low points on the bike as it was much windier than I had imagined when I signed up, 500m of climbing per loop felt as though I was just riding back in Scotland only without the beautiful scenery (and potholes!!) Although the frequent tramlines weren’t much fun to ride over, no real downtime and it was pretty much a constant effort. There was very little to look at other that athletes bib numbers and nice bikes! Got a few shouts from some other GBR athletes which is always nice. Lowest point on the bike came around 130km mark, although this was child’s play compared to what I would feel later, when I received a blue card from the race officials for “drafting” meaning a 5min penalty. This was so harsh as I was on a hill moving out to the left (remember we are in Germany) trying to pass one athlete with another 3 on my wheel…I was the only foreigner in the group which I found out shortly after. He showed me the blue card which a disputed, nevertheless having to pull in at the next Penalty Box! This was also my first episode of “greeting like a bairn”…and it definitely wasn’t to be the last! 6hr 42 done…now was the marathon to come! That thing you’ve been trying not to think about all day, because you’re told not to? But really ? It’s all you think about…42.2km (4 loops). The support I received on the run got me through it, I ran the first loop well and the second loop wasn’t bad either, I couldn’t believe how good I felt!!! But yes there were more tears! I had a melt down around 30km and I have never been to such a dark and miserable place. The aid stations were fab – red bull, coke, pretzels, oranges anything to keep me from falling over! Just keep moving you feet…I can and I will was my mantra. Everytime I hit a timing mat and heard it beep I thought of all my friends and family at home and it kept me moving forward! Finally the red carpet and I heard the words…yes!!!!! Still can’t believe I did!!! Thanks finally to Sally Newman-Carter for getting 4 flights out just to see us do our thing – I couldn’t imagine it without you there at each point cheering me on and shouting at me Jewels Wilson Mum you were so understanding and reassuring before the day and on day, thank you so much!!! All my friends and family who supported me and understood why I wanted to do this and to my hubs Fraser Walker you are my rock! Miriam Rennet YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!! So happy we got to share this adventure together and it meant so much knowing you were out on the course with me and seeing you at different points Yes it was brutal, but yes I would do it all over again

Miriams IM report

Well finally ticked that full Ironman box and what an amazing experience its been. The highs and lows have been extreme. Apologies for the number of posts or taggings recently but it is more than likely a one off. 13.34.57 and 10/27 in age cat but still waiting for confirmation of that. Dropped down at least 4 places in the run due to cramp in legs and lets just say tummy issues. Firstly thanks to my fantastic pals. Cheryl for talking me into entering and then being there all the way. Many congratulations to Cheryl on her first IM. To Jewels and Sally for all their invaluable support and encouragement. They walked a total of 24 miles to support us on race day amongst many other things. Was happy to come out the swim in 1hr 30 mins ish for the 3.8 km and although very choppy for a few kms and swimming under 3 bridges which were dark and scary I think I was lucky to only be hit on the head once or twice. Up the steps then a 180 m run into T1. T1 was 800m long to run through and had to visit the first of many portaloos then out onto the bike. The first lap was ok although I didnt feel like my bike legs were there on race day. There were a good number of long drag uphills into a strong wind. Draft busters were out in force and the penalty boxes were full of riders. Found that I just couldnt eat what I needed to on the bike. All the practicing eating on the bike to no avail I just couldnt do it which I would later regret. There was a lot of support in a number of places. Onto the second lap and started to feel really tired on the many windy uphills so I had to go much slower than the first lap to conserve some energy for the marathon. Riders I had flown past on first lap started passing me which was a bit depressing. After the 112 miles (180km) I got into T2 and sat down to put my run shoes on and felt so tired. Nobody with any sanity would now try to run a marathon. My legs had felt like they were going to get cramp on the bike in the last 10 miles. Now I knew that they almost certainly would. I just wanted to finish the event without having to pull out with cramp. Off I went at a very slow jog although the crowd were fantastic and since your name is on your race number in many places they were shouting your name and words of encouragement, ringing cow bells and doing mexican waves. I was already running slowly when at the half way point got severe cramp in one leg. Luckily I wasnt too far from a feed station and drank salted water to alleviate. Then it really was a slow shuffle for the next 13 miles. My legs were threatening to cramp up which meant drinking salted water at each feed station. I felt really sick and got a very sore stomach having to drink salted water and lets just say this resulted in visiting more portaloos than I ever want to again. However Sally and Jewels were on my case and stopping wasnt an option. I kept thinking keep moving forward and stay strong. Any finishing time I might have aimed for was kicked out my head and all I could hope for was to drag myself to the finish line. The last lap of 4 was a really hard ask. Eventually I was on the approach to the finish. The finish line is amazing and with the music blaring I somehow managed to dance up and across the finish line. Youve got do something to keep the crowd entertained haha. Cheryl had finished a few minutes ahead of me and kindly waited for me in the finish area. What a day. What a very very long day. What an experience. Dont know if I will ever go there again but it should make a middle distance tri seem like a walk in the park. Cheryl, Jewels and Sally I cannot thank you enough for being incredible. Last but not least thanks to Callum and Alasdair for putting up with endless conversations about triathlons and Ironman and knowing that you were tracking me kept me going on the day.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
Cheryl Walker 13:29:09 F25-29 14
Miriam Rennet 13:34:57 F55-59 10


Irvine Open Water Sprint

An inaugural event for this year, Ayrodynamic hosted the Irvine Open Water Sprint Triathlon. Preferring Open Water swims, Michelle and i were keen to get in on this one, another Open Water Sprint in Scotland is always welcome! We expected a cheap & Cheerful race, and that is exactly what we got, with a fairly basic transition in the carpark of a Bookers cash’n’carry.

The Course is setup for a PB, with a short enough distance between swim + Transition, a flat + Fast, albeit 1.5km too long a bike course and a flat and fast 5km to finish.

In terms of our races, you may notice from the photo that we had a particular close finish, with Michelle gaining 1 min plus on me between T2 and the first 2kms of the run before leveling off her pace, allowing me to hang to her before a sprint finish ensued where i pipped Michelle on the line to a chorus of pantomime boos!

Would definitely recommend this one, eager to see if it increases in size next year

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
14 Lewis Bruce 1:13:31.3 MSenior 7
15 Michelle Mackay 1:13:31.4 FSenior 2

Ironman Kalmar

Mark Mc back in Ironman action at Kalmar, with his 14/15th ? Ironman. Even though mark racked up another sub 10 Ironman, the run did not go to plan leaving mark frustrated. If he had finished with the same time he did at IM Kalmar last year, he would have qualified for Kona, frustrating!

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
105 Mark Mcintosh 9:50:09 M40-44 20

Starman Middle Distance Night Triathlon

Starman report from Gill

When I saw the Starman on Facebook I had a rush of adrenaline and I knew I had to do it – and it seemed like fate that it was on my birthday weekend – so I decided to do it as a present to myself.

I’ve never done a middle distance triathlon before, far less one with a hill run, and a swim in the dark, starting at midnight !! I don’t generally do things by half and this just looked so exciting that I couldn’t resist it – I like an adventure, and I like to be a little bit scared !

And so, at midnight on August 19th 2017 it started – the very first Starman Night Triathlon.

The swim was a sea of lights, there were lights on the safety canoes, people with torches on shore and all the cylumes on the swimmers – it was hilarious, disorientating, crazy and magical. I was trying to laugh and swim !! I loved the swim – it was like nothing else I’ve ever done or could ever imagine, or will ever forget !!

I’ve never cycled 56 miles before – it’s a long way  !! I knew that psychologically it would be tough, especially in the dark at 1am in the morning. I also knew the ‘sting’ in the tail up the hill to the ski carpark would be horrible – but I really enjoyed the cycle – the route was great – I would love to do it in the daylight. The miles ticked by quite quickly and it was like a secret treat to be cycling along the dark, deserted roads. Those last few miles were as tough as I expected but I just kept going, didn’t give up and got to the top – hard going.

The volunteers in T2 were brilliant, so friendly and helpful. I was looking forward to the run, a bit naïvely, not expecting the 2 significant, substantial mountains to be such hard work !? It was cold, dark, windy and foggy on the way up to the top of Cairngorm, but then the sun rose so quickly that I could see out over Loch Morlich on the way down, and it was stunning and it was exhilarating. It was great fun to run down the ski runs – but my legs were beginning to hurt by this point. The run up to the Ryvoan Bothy was beautiful – I tried to appreciate it as much as possible because I knew that Meall a Buchaille was really going to hurt, and it did, and it seemed like the hill was never-ending, but as a reward there was another amazing view of the valley and Loch Morlich from the top – a view I’d never seen before, and a lovely (sore legged) run back down to the finish at Loch Morlich.

I was a bit emotional at the finish – it took 7 and a half hours – it’s the longest I’ve ever done anything !! And it was an incredible experience. I was right – it was an adventure – it was crazy, surreal, brutal, magical, stunning and very special – I’m so glad I did it.

Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
4 Gillian Sangster 7:33:05 F 1

Aberfeldy Middle Distance triathlon

Kudos to Robert, Dougal & Alan leading the way in a smaller than normal M3 turnout at Aberfeldy middle. With new organisers behind the race and a new run course, it was good to hear that feedback was positive for this event. Don’t think they managed to raise the temperature of the loch yet though . . . .?


Overall Position Name Time Category Cat. Position
6 Robert Harrison 4:35:20 vet 2
66 Dougal Adamson 5:30:42 Super Vet 3
138 Alan Rose 6:05:19 Vet 39

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