End of Season (2018) Racing

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End of Season (2018) Racing

Harviestoun Triathlon

Couldn’t actually find results on this race, but looks like we won’t be needing them here…

Race Report courtesy of Jamie Robinson:

“Before the race, I had a rear puncture while cycling to T1. Fixed that, then broke my front valve while ‘gently realigning it’.
Eventually, we got started and went for a swim in a toasty 11 degrees and very weedy lochan. Gillian cheated and had her crocs (cheap Aldi version) at the side.

The bike sections had a number of technical sections, which both myself and Gillian didn’t do as we missed the turn sign.
On the run I had to stop and ask a marshal for directions … which they weren’t sure about, so they had to phone someone to find out.

On my way down the hill I spotted Gillian coming up the wrong way and was met with ‘I’ve already gone two miles the wrong way up a bloody hill, I’m not going up that one’. So we ran back to the start and finished joint first in a time of 1:06:23. Both getting PBs, first male and first female, and also disqualified for cutting the course.

Summary Gillian got lost on the way here, cheated in the swim, bike and run.
I tried to break my bike and got lost on the bike.
It was really good fun and we got whiskey (sic) and beer too!”

Scottish National Cross Triathlon Championships: Craggy Island Triathlon

M3 expedition to the Scottish Cross Triathlon championships… The Craggy tri is an off-road triathlon where racers swim from Oban bay across to the island before a circumnavigation by bike with a off-piste run to finish. It’s a tough day out, but this race continues to give back – by providing us with the M3 ‘annual race face’. It was a beautiful day in a special place and it went well, with podiums for Club President and First Lady! In fact, although Ursula was 2nd on the podium, she won the SV Scottish championship trophy – well done Ursula!

Position, Name, Time, Category, Cat. Position
16, David Stewart, 01:34:19, MSV, 2
50, Lewis Bruce, 01:44:05, MS, 16
55, Michelle Bruce, 01:44:45, FS, 5
112, Brian Simpson, 01:59:36, MSV, 27
135, Zoe Simpson, 02:06:17, FV, 11
161, Adam Wilson, 02:14:51, MS, 43
195, Ursula Ryder, 02:28:35, FSV, 2

IM Barcelona

Kevin Walton and Phil Brady entered into the elite club that is M3 Ironmen, with fantastic performances in Barcelona.

Position, Name, Time, Category, Cat. Position
2309, Phil Walton, 14:10:47, M40-44, 450
2355, Kevin Blady, 14:22:36, M45-49, 457

Stirling Aquathlon

It was a fab family day out, with huge congratulations to Ingrid Kidd for coming first in category.


Position, Name, Time, Cat, Cat. Pos
Ingrid Kidd, 00:34:36.3, FV, 1

TriStar 1 Girls

Position, Name, Time
4, Zara Kidd, 00:07:42.7
7, Isla Kidd, 00:08:16.9
8, Juliette Kidd, 00:08:21.7
16, Eve Fairbairn, 00:09:46.4

Dundee Aquathlon

A chilly day for a swim and a run, but an enjoyable and successful one for M3!

Position, Name, Time, Category, Cat. Position
29, Barbara Sweeney, 00:37:11.7, FSV, 1
47, Stewart Maxwell, 00:39:57.3, Vintage, 2
66, Jim Paton, 00:47:03.2, Vintage, 3
70, Barbara Brown, 00:55:57.3, Vintage, 2

2018 ETU Ibiza European Championships

M3 representing at the European Championships: Miriam was competing the Aquabike, and Robert was in the Middle distance event. Both overcame challenging conditions and a course change at short notice in Ibiza to both come home with brilliant SILVER podium positions – superb performance!

Aquabike European Championships

Position, Name, Time, Category
2, Miriam Rennet, 02:16:50, (F)55-59 AG

Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

Position, Name, Time, Category
2, Robert Harrison, 03:14:29, (M)45-49 AG

ABC Winter Duathlon Round 1

Another local favourite with many M3ers looking to keep their skills sharp in the winter months. A sunny, albeit rather chilly, day welcomed a large turn out of over 100 athletes for round 1 of the ABC winter duathlon series. Great racing folks and a special well done to Mairi on competing in her first race as an M3er.

Position, Name, Time, Category, Cat. Position
2, Robert Harrison, 00:53:14, Veteran, 1
18, Dave Stewart, 00:59:18, Super Vet, 2
26, Michelle Bruce, 01:01:16, Senior, 1
29, Lewis Bruce, 01:01:31, Senior, 14
35, Dougal Adamson, 01:02:48, Super Vet, 6
51, Brian Simpson, 01:07:14, Super Vet, 15
52, Mairi Cumming, 01:11:36, Senior, 5
58, Zoe Simpson, 01:12:46, Veteran, 2

Triathlon Scotland Annual Awards 2018

2018 was all about the ‘Year of the Young Person’, and M3 certainly took that to heart this year. Club members were recognised in both the Legends Ranking Series and the annual awards…

Legends Ranking Series – Zara Kidd

First of all, huge congratulations to Zara Kidd, who has been racing well all year and amassed enough points in the Legends Ranking series to win 2nd place in the 9-10 TriStars age group for both Aquathlon and Triathlon. Well done Zara, what a superb performance!

Opportunity Maker of the Year – Mark Hopkins

And finally, we take a break from racing to celebrate an amazing off the field performance by M3 member Mark Hopkins. Mark was deservedly recognised in the Triathlon Scotland Awards as Opportunity Maker of the Year. The club are immensely grateful to Mark for his tireless efforts in making the Monikie Triathlon Festival inclusive and enjoyable for everybody. Read more about Mark’s achievements and contributions below:

Mark has gone above and beyond in the ‘year of the young person’ and has grown the Monikie Triathlon into a two day festival event with young people at the heart of the growth. To realise the festival, our winner worked with the local community of Monikie to build positive relationships and good feeling for the event. He overcame the complexities of putting a event on for youths and was able to work with the local community to close the road to ensure that the race was safe and enjoyable on the roads surrounding the park. In addition to this, our winner started open water swimming for children to enable them to have the confidence to swim in the loch before the event. This furthered the relationship our winner had already built with the park, and led into Monifieth Triathlon club starting a youth section. Our nominator says “he’s created amazing opportunities and continues to inspire everyone that he meets.”

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