The Committee


Below is a list of the current committee members, each with a specific remit for keeping the club on track.  Click on their name to contact them if you have any questions you feel might fall under their remit.

President – Marc Smith

Marc is the newly elected President of M3. He comes from a running background, and has been part of M3 since its inauguration. His aims for the club are to continue the development of all our members, to encourage junior and novice members of the club to train and race, and to promote an all inclusive environment for all members. Marc is a seasoned triathlete, and very experienced runner.


Secretary – Lesley MacDonald

Lesley has been involved with the club since it’s inception.   Apart from being fiercely competitive and one of our ‘international triathletes’ racing as far a field as the Cayman Islands, Lesley also prides herself on the fact she is one of our more ‘active’ social members.   If there is ever a night out, raffle, race night or general post race celebration, you can be sure to find Lesley leading the way.   As Secretary, Lesley is the one that keeps all others on their toes.  Officially she has to act as the main point of contact for and on behalf of M3, arrange ordinary general meetings, annual general meetings and record the minutes for all meetings.   Basically if there is a job to do, Lesley will organise it making sure it happens.


Treasurer – Alistair Lauchlan

Affectionately known as ‘Statto’ Al is our resident expert number cruncher.   If you can collate, compare or quantify it, Al will have a spreadsheet for it!   This is especially useful – or not as the case may be – when it comes to the inevitable post race post mortem.   Just when you think you’ve put in a good performance, out comes the dreaded email from Al with the stats!   Like most of the current committee, Al too has been here from the very start.   He’s spent 2 years as club President bossing everyone around and keeping us all on our toes whilst at the same time finding the energy to train for everything from sprints to middle distance events.   As Treasurer Al maintains the clubs financial accounts and in conjunction with the committee allocate any funding that the club attains and deals with any other financial matters that arise.


Memberships Secretary – Andrew Forrester

As one of our more ‘laid back’ committee members, Andrew manages to combine the frenetic training schedule of a triathlete with that of the easy going attitude of a surfer dude.  When he’s not catching waves he’s catching up with the endless updating his ‘members spreadsheet’ – much to the annoyance of his wife!   Andrew is one of our more accomplished swimmers and cyclists and describes his running as a work in progress.  As the Memberships Secretary, Andrew is really the clubs initial point of contact for new and prospective members for and on behalf of M3.   If you are looking for info on joining the club then Andrew is your man.


Welfare Officer – Heidi Fettes

 As well as co-ordinating the movements of her sporty family, Heidi still finds time to fit in her own training and work on the welfare policy for the club.  This role has probably been the one with the largest learning curve and Heidi is reveling in the challenge.  As our Welfare Officer, Heidi helps ensure that the topic of athlete welfare is always included in all aspects of the club development.   Heidi is the main contact with triathlonscotland and other agencies on welfare issues and helps us run the club where the protection of children and vulnerable adults is our first and foremost consideration.   If you have any questions on any welfare issues at all, please email Heidi.


Events Co-Ordinator – David Rose

In triathlon circles the name “Rose” is one which is capturing a lot of attention.   Look at the top 3 in most races where the surname Rose appears and you’ll never find it far from the top but to save any embarrassment, I’m not going to give away the first name of said individual!  David – Father of Euan – is our Events Co-Ordianator and is responsible for co-ordinating and leading the organisation of the club’s competitive events.  As a new and developing club, we have big plans going forwards regarding our own events but to date we have dipped our toe with the hugely successful M3 Junior Aquathlon.   David led a keen and eager team and put on a race where over 85 children participated in the grounds of Monifieth High School.  The Junior Aquathlon will continue to form the foundations of our M3 events but watch this space for the club adding to the list as the club continues to grow.


Kit Co-Ordinator – Ali Binnie

It’s fair to say Ali has had one of the hardest jobs in the club.  Sourcing, selecting and dealing with triathlon kit companies has been a full time job for Ali and don’t even think about getting her started on how difficult a job she had on getting the members to agree on final colour schemes and layout designs!  (And if you have ever seen the M3 club kit at any races – notice Ali’s penchant for pink in the image above!)  From hoodies & t-shirts to tri Suits and cycle jerseys, Ali’s organised the lot.   Its been a real task and one which she has handled brilliantly and as the club continues to grow, so does the work involved in co-ordinating the organisation of the club’s kit and clothing requirements.   We don’t know how she does it but Ali will always answer every kit request with a smile.  Any kit related questions, feel free to contact Ali.


Social Convenor & Fund Raising Co-Ordinator – Louise Crawford

Along with one of the biggest titles in the committee, Louise also has one of the biggest remits.  With her expertise in the world of accountancy, Louise keeps us all on track with our spending and fund raising, ensuring we don’t dive into the red and remain firmly in the black.  Louise loves triathlon and is one of our dedicated individuals.  You’ll often find Louise out pounding the streets with the ‘hardy bunch’ on a wintery Wednesday night where only the brave venture out (too cold for me!)  Louise’s role within M3 involves co-ordinating and organising of the club’s Social, Sponsorship and Fund Raising activities which are always great affairs.  If you wish to contact us regarding any sponsorship or fund raising issues, please email Louise but be warned – Louise does have a darker side.  All I’ll say is watch out if you ever meet her in a game of musical chairs…….


Kit Co-Ordinator – Malcolm Ritchie

Malcolm is one of our newest members to join the committee and we’re delighted to have him on board.  Malx as he’s known in the club has been instrumental in the development of the club in the last year.  He’s organised most if not all of our cycling routes and regularly turns up at 7am on a Sunday morning at the cycle meeting point only to find out that the 12 people who said they would join him decided to have a long lie that morning!   Again, like most of our members, Malx is new to the world of multi sports and has proven a lack of so called ‘specialist’ knowledge in one or more sports is nothing that can’t be overcome. As a guy who started out only being able to swim one length before his lungs collapsed, Malx is now training for a middle distance event in 2012.



Well there you have it.  That’s a brief introduction to about 10% of the club and there’s a lot more like them all with very different aims and ambitions in the world of triathlon.  Whether you’re here purely for the social side (and thankfully we have a few of them that keep the club well and truly grounded) or you’re wanting to represent your country (and again we have a few of them) there’s always a warm welcome here at M3 Monifieth Tri Club.  Go on – get in touch, you’ll be glad you did.