Youth & Junior

There are plenty of opportunities for young people to participate in triathlon, with events run throughout the season including an Aquathlon Series – combining swimming and running – and the Scottish Schools and Youth Triathlon Championships.   As the governing body for the sport triathlonscotland set out the age group categories for our younger members.  Those categories are:

YOUTHS are those children aged 8 – 16 whilst the JUNIOR category is for those young people aged 17 to 19.   Please visit the triathlonscotland website for race details and events listings for both age groups.

Here at M3, we currently have a youth section and in line with triathlonscotland require children to be 8 years old to join the club. Please note that the minimum age for participants for adult training sessions is 14, minimum age for youth sessions is 8.

If you – or your child – are interested in joining the club, contact our Secretary Steve Robbie and they will advise you of any available slots or add your name to any waiting list we may be operating at this time.

As a new club we place a large emphasis on the development of the sport at junior level for those aspiring international athletes and those children just looking to have fun and keep active. We are currently in the process of building the infrastructure to properly coach juniors in a safe environment and in a way that will not put added strain on the current coaching volunteers.  Despite this dichotomy, we are very proud to say we currently have some youth triathletes showing us oldies how to do it. Many of the existing juniors in the club are already members of the Dundee Discovery Junior Cycling Club and the Dundee Hawks where a more specialised level of junior coaching has been established over a number of years.   We have excellent links with both clubs and strongly recommend these clubs for further development in their respective sports.