M3 Grand prix 2020

The following events will be qualifying events for the M3 Grand Prix 2020

Event Date
Timed 5km February
Timed 400m/200m Swim Feb/March
East Fife Novice & Sprint Triathlon April 14th
M3 Spring Handicap Duathlon May
Knockburn Sprint & Standard Triathlon May 31st
Montrose Sprint & Novice Triathlon June 7th
Loch Ore Sprint & Standard Triathlon June tbc
M3 Autumn Handicap duathlon Aug/Sept
Aberfeldy Sprint & Middle distance Triathlon August 15th/16th
Timed 400m/200m swim Sept
Timed 5km Oct


How Grand Prix scoring will operate:

– Participants will be split into age categories such as, senior, vet, super vet & vintage.
– Points are allocated based on your finishing position in your age category against other M3 competitors in the same age category
– Points decrease from first place by 1 point per position. First place in your Age Cat gets you 20 points
– If people from the same Category are doing different races (e.g. East fife Novice or East Fife sprint) then the Triathlon Scotland rankings method will be used to determine finishing order for that category (You do not need to be a triathlon Scotland member)


  • To qualify, you must be an M3 member and race with M3 as your club
  • Competitors need to complete 6 events to qualify in the series

Happy Racing!

M3 Club Awards

Each year the club hands out end of seasons awards such as Male & Female triathlete of the year, these awards are based on the Triathlon scotland ranking series, details of this can be found here –

The following criteria is used to calculate who wins the end of season M3 awards

– A qualifying Triathlete needs to have raced in at least 3 ranking series events
– Average will be taken of the triathletes 3 highest scoring results
– Triathlete with the highest average score wins